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  • Posted 11/04/2010 07:41:47 EDT

    I read through some of the recipes the other day and wrote down the banana bread recipe to make. I made it last night and it was delicious! Does anyone have any good crock pot recipes? I love using th more »

  • Forum Post: bamboo floors

    Posted 10/27/2010 07:51:03 EDT

    I have bamboo floors in my entire house. I use a wet swiffer, but can sometimes see the streak marks. I am curious to see what other people use. more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 07/02/2010 08:27:04 EDT

    I have a bottle of Polish Spiritus and need help with a cherry recipe. My family used to make cherries soaked in the vodka, but I do not have the recipe. Does anyone have a recipe? The last time I tri more »

  • Posted 04/30/2010 12:38:44 EDT

    Thanks Everyone! I will check out the suggestions at the nursery this weekend.

    more »

  • Posted 04/30/2010 07:50:17 EDT

    The left half of my front yard does not get any sun during the day. Everything that I planted last year did not make it. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should try planting this year? I more »

  • Posted 01/06/2010 11:57:56 EST

    Try Prezzo in Milford. I went to a baby shower there and the food was good and the room was nice.

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  • Forum Post: Day Care Costs

    Posted 01/05/2010 10:56:35 EST

    We are also thinking about TCC'ing soon. Does anyone have any recomendations in the Franklin/Medway area for child care? I am getting anxious over the costs. Thanks! more »

  • Posted 11/25/2009 07:46:03 EST

    I love it, but I used the frozen green beans not the canned ones. We also make fresh green beans fried with bread crumbs. It's not the healthiest dish, but great around the holidays. more »

  • Posted 09/16/2009 07:37:21 EDT

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them this weekend. more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 09/15/2009 11:29:26 EDT

    I have a fairly new electric stove (9 mos). There are some spots that I cannot get to come clean. My husband suggested a razor blade to scrape the spots off. Does anyone have any suggestions? What do more »

  • Forum Post: How did you know

    Posted 07/23/2009 07:53:22 EDT

    How did you know when it was the right time to try? I have only been married for 6 months, but we are almost 29 years old. I know that's not old, but I don't want to wait too much longer. My head says more »

  • Posted 05/29/2009 01:59:40 EDT

    My co-workers and I just placed ordered on that site. We did find out they are not being bought out though. Someone we know uses their products and had some high reviews. more »

  • Forum Post: City hall wedding

    Posted 05/28/2009 12:26:27 EDT

    I have been a lurker on these boards for a while. My husband and I decided that we were going to get married at Town Hall to save us a lot of money. We went there to set the date and the JP (town cler more »