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  • Posted 01/25/2011 10:11:34 EST

    We all have instincts, and I am guessing the LW can sense something is off. He's been thru a lot with this cheating wife, and he can probably sense when something isn't right with her, thus his distru more »

  • Posted 10/17/2009 09:03:57 EDT

    I would never watch the Tonight Show for Leno, and I won't watch a show where he is even more of a focal point. Everything is just so rehearsed and scripted. Maybe all the shows are like that, but Con more »

  • Comment on: Case%20closed

    Posted 10/16/2009 07:27:02 EDT

    Whistling past the graveyard... more »

  • Posted 09/18/2009 07:42:53 EDT

    I really like Love Letters, but some of the people who come on here with their self-righteous and condemning attitudes really bothers me. She didn't ask for an STD, and I personally don't think it is more »

  • Posted 09/17/2009 08:33:35 EDT

    Man this is tough and this guy reminds me of me in college a bit. First of all, I don't agree, as some people have stated, that he isn't happy and looking for a way out. He's in his early 20s, drinkin more »

  • Posted 09/16/2009 05:33:42 EDT

    Good for you Dice-K! Congrats on your hard work paying off. more »

  • Posted 09/12/2009 10:54:07 EDT

    Great speech by MJ. The most emotion I've ever seen from him, outside of when his Dad died, and it was refreshing. more »

  • Posted 08/31/2009 09:02:21 EDT

    I'll remember three rings, leadership, enthusiasm, football smarts and of course... snow balls in the air! Thanks for a great career, Tedy! more »

  • Posted 08/26/2009 10:56:58 EDT

    Ugh... you're right Dan... sounds very Nomar-esque around the time he "was all Bostoned out". Maybe Youk should start angling for a trade back home to Cincinnati... maybe he'll better enjoy the baseba more »

  • Posted 08/24/2009 11:04:33 EDT

    One thing I don't miss is Bob Lobel on TV... more »

  • Posted 08/18/2009 09:46:57 EDT

    Daubach was the worst. He was the perfect type of player on those underachieving Red Sox teams of the early 2000s, just wasn't good enough and always had that same stupid look on his face. more »

  • Posted 08/14/2009 09:12:47 EDT

    I guess I'll pile on with everyone else... There is no faith in Papi when he comes up to the plate, and it turns to anger when there are men on. To have him in the 4 or 5 hole, as Tito still does is a more »

  • Posted 08/08/2009 03:29:54 EDT

    Hate to say it, but I'm not buying he was simply 'careless'. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't steroids, but these guys are smarter than just being careless. Millions of $$$ at sta more »

  • Posted 08/08/2009 08:10:53 EDT

    Jamie, I think Tito played the bullpen that way because with Bucholtz pitching today, you've got to expect more bullpen work and try to keep the arms fresh, while the Yanks have CC pitching and probab more »

  • Posted 08/07/2009 10:08:14 EDT

    I'm very disappointed by the SportsHub line-up. Zolak and Tanguay? Seriously? Why would anyone want to listed to two re-treads bringing no fresh ideas or spin on anything? Zolak is just as bad as Smer more »

  • Comment on: 'Where Jimmy’

    Posted 07/30/2009 01:28:53 EDT

    Just what we need in Boston... another Legal's. more »

  • Posted 07/18/2009 05:17:43 EDT

    I met Chris N. a couple of times down the Cape well after his career... very nice guy. If he is struggling right now, hopefully this episode forces him or his family/friends to get him some help. more »

  • Comment on: '‘

    Posted 07/17/2009 09:02:23 EDT

    What has built EEI, more than their abrasive show personalities is success.. meaning team success. Their growth over the last 5-10 years is directly proportional to the Pats and BoSox titles. We liste more »

  • Comment on: '‘

    Posted 07/17/2009 08:53:19 EDT

    WEEI is awful, outside of Dale and Holley, who actually seem to enjoy what they do. I am looking forward to Sports Hub, but Gary Tanguay? Couldn't they do better than that? I'm sure he's a nice guy, b more »

  • Posted 07/15/2009 04:54:35 EDT

    Good Luck Pedro!! You will always be the best in my book. Maybe we'll see you in October... more »

  • Posted 07/15/2009 02:31:42 EDT

    I'm with you Sports Hub... Get Mike Mutnansky over there too, he's the most enjoyable guy to listen to. Please leave Mike Adams where he is, he fits right in with the clowns at EEI. more »

  • Posted 07/12/2009 10:31:16 EDT

    Beanpot, I agree... Sox never could have come back in 2004 without Shakey Wakey. I have a few friends at the DFCI, and they can't say enough about this guy. As good as this article is, it doesn't begi more »

  • Posted 07/12/2009 09:11:52 EDT

    Rick1954... you need to get out more. Beckham is bigger than any "sports" star we have in this country. Bigger than Tiger, bigger than Brady. more »

  • Posted 06/23/2009 11:35:22 EDT

    Not sure what some of you people are talking about... the only reason I watch Fox25 is for Maria. more »

  • Posted 06/14/2009 09:22:23 EDT

    With the heavy Japanese and Asian populations in both San Francisco and Seattle, I am thinking those are two possible destinations where Dice-K would be willing to accept a trade. Dice-K is also good more »