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  • Posted 10/13/2011 04:22:47 EDT

    C- Keep Salty/promote Lavarnway 1B - Keep A-Gonz 2B - Keep Dustin P. SS - Keep Scutaro (free agents are thin for SS position, but the top two or three SS free agents would be asking big fat contract s more »

  • Forum Post: Trade Proposal

    Posted 10/13/2011 02:12:04 EDT

    Problem for Wright is that he fractured his back just like Bucholtz did it this year.  I do not want already started injure prone player, Wright, playing for Boston. Boston right now have too many of more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 01:42:33 EDT

    Bay in LF, Crawford in RF??  That is going to be the worse OF defense in MLB!!

    It aidnt happening!!
    more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 11:55:38 EDT

    I do not think Papi will decline if he is a Yankee player.  With short porch right field, he could hit as many 25 homeruns at the Yankee stadium.  But I know he will struggle hitting on the road.   Bu more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 11:43:47 EDT

    Beckett is just having a drinking problem.  But I would still rather to have him over Bucholtz or Lackey who both may not ever win more than 15 games a season in their career as well both of them coul more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 11:18:47 EDT

    Yankees would not even bother to sign Papi.  They have way too many players that may have to bat DH from A-Rod to Jeter to Montero within next four years.  

    more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 11:16:59 EDT

    But Garza is only 8-10 for the Cubs this year eventhough he is a much healthier than Beckett.   I wouldnt pull that trade.  I rather to have Garza with Beckett and Lester.  They can have Bucholtz wher more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 10:22:54 EDT

    excellent article!!

    But why the world he is vacationing in Mexico.  Worse place to vacationing in nowsaday!!  
    more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 07:20:35 EDT

    He is either using this media to drive Boston's price or telling the media that he is now will leave the team if other team offer him more money after he tended to accept too many short offers by the more »

  • Forum Post: Game 4 ALCS

    Posted 10/12/2011 10:13:10 EDT

    You cant assumed on what happen afterward.  What if the batter hit into double play at the same time Cabrera was taken out for pinch runner?? Cruz is one of the best RF thrower in baseball.  I wasnt s more »

  • Posted 10/12/2011 10:04:40 EDT

    Another thing is that Boston may not throw alot of money to find a guy to bat DH.  Remember Papi missed most of the NL games on the road this year as well had Boston made to the world series this year more »

  • Posted 10/12/2011 04:15:20 EDT

    This a joke.  Pujols have an elbow problem.  Plus he is already past the age of 31. By having him to play at 3B will put wear and tear on him.  Pujols know that at the same time he have seen so many 3 more »

  • Posted 10/12/2011 12:48:07 EDT

    But Theo could have done worser job in the past four years.  He was close to trade Ellsbury two to three years ago as well he was close to trade Lester for Santana of Minnesota or other talent busted more »

  • Posted 10/12/2011 12:41:12 EDT

    He is gone.  The next GM will make it happen!! more »

  • Posted 10/11/2011 01:21:45 EDT

    Like I said it on the other post.  Do your homework before you make a trade!!! David Wright had a stress facture in his lower back which force him to miss two months during 2011 season.    And you wan more »

  • Posted 10/11/2011 11:54:43 EDT

    I think that the Angels made a mistake when they traded him to Blue Jays for Vernon Wells.  I just think that the real reason Angels do not want him anymore cuz he was an often injure proned players. more »

  • Posted 10/11/2011 10:34:13 EDT

    Theo is under a contract for one more year with the organization.  Therefore there is no date for him to leave.  But I am sure that Boston need to resolve this as soon as possible cuz they need to hav more »

  • Posted 10/11/2011 10:23:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: Beltre, Martinez, and Napoli and you went for Crawford and Salty -Theo: In Response to Re: Beltre, Martinez, and Napoli and you went for Crawford and Salty -Theo : That's why I offe more »

  • Posted 10/10/2011 10:17:21 EDT

    Salty played over 100 games as catcher while Napoli only played 61 games as a catcher and played approximately over 30 games at 1B.  He was out for a bit less than a month due he was on DL. Within two more »

  • Posted 10/10/2011 02:54:22 EDT

    Red Sox isnt going to sign another player who is prone to injury such as Sizemore. Safer signing is to sign Josh Willingham!!  Period.  Then find a decent medium range salary heathy pitcher or player more »

  • Forum Post: Tandem Closers

    Posted 10/10/2011 01:47:45 EDT

    Right now there are not many teams that is going to give Papelbon a big fat contract cuz these teams probably rather to fix their offense, defense and starting pitcher first before they need to look f more »

  • Posted 10/10/2011 01:23:00 EDT

    You re right it is all over.   Cant assume who to blame, who should have won it all from the AL east division, who is really a better team among these AL east teams, etc. Let it go!! let us all worry more »

  • Posted 10/10/2011 01:19:46 EDT

    Pedro cant even throw in the 90's anymore.  Cant have a closer that can throw change up and throw fastball in the 80's!  He ll remind me of Kevin Foulke!! Too late.  Should have been a closer when he more »

  • Posted 10/10/2011 12:56:28 EDT

    I think they both got to go.  What is the difference between having Weiland, Reddick and Lavarnway, and having Wakefield/Tek?  Not much different. Difference between these people are Wakefield/Tek's s more »

  • Posted 10/10/2011 12:49:41 EDT

    Only just one, simple, either Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols!!!! more »

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