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  • Forum Post: Love Gone as Well

    Posted 05/17/2013 12:09:39 EDT

    I've seen Armstead play. While at USC a few years ago during the 09 and 2010 seasons. I will say this much, the guy can flat out play. We will see if he can do it in the NFL, he played at an allstar l more »

  • Posted 04/17/2013 02:24:13 EDT

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment: In response to rkarp's comment:   Lloyd was a mistake signing. The dead money and the curerent lack of depth at the position is proof. You can go ahead an more »

  • Forum Post: RAS I

    Posted 03/25/2013 08:22:06 EDT

    In response to tcal2-'s comment: I'm expecting nothing. This way if he contributes I'll be pleasantly surprised and if he doesn't, so what.   I feel the same way. He's talented but can't stay on the f more »

  • Posted 10/01/2012 03:36:49 EDT

    Dude, even as a jets fan you have to admit that they are terrible. Sundays game was even worse than the score indicated and there will be lots more games like that this season. The Jets won't win 5 ga more »

  • Forum Post: Ridley me this...

    Posted 10/01/2012 03:31:30 EDT

    In response to DelGriffith's comment: In response to bobbysu's comment: That's why I laugh when I hear that the NFL is a passing league. Rules and situations look that way, but its a Mirage. Their are more »

  • Forum Post: Ridley me this...

    Posted 10/01/2012 03:23:27 EDT

    In response to 49Patriots' comment: The Pats are 2-0 when what RB rushes the ball at least 20 times? Answer: Steven Ridley!  They 0-2 when he doesn't.   Give him the ball and get the F out of his way! more »

  • Forum Post: Ridley me this...

    Posted 10/01/2012 01:44:41 EDT

    Run the ball to win pass to lose. It's always been that way and always will. Just the facts boys, face it.

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  • Posted 10/01/2012 12:55:44 EDT

    In response to pezz4pats' comment: In response to DelGriffith's comment: Babe will do anything to deflect from Brady blowing SB 46. Pretty hard to "blow" any thing when you're on the sidelines for 2/3 more »

  • Posted 10/01/2012 12:53:23 EDT

    In response to pezz4pats' comment: In response to DelGriffith's comment: He's played great so far this year. Great to see. He's better with McDaniels back. I gave him a pass in the Cardinals game beca more »

  • Posted 10/01/2012 01:28:50 EDT

    Well neither one is getting fired so get over it.

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  • Posted 10/01/2012 01:22:22 EDT

    That's the 2nd person in a week to mistake their own family member for an intruder, shooting and killing them.

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 10:03:07 EDT

    Phat Rex/mangione is done for the year, just as predicted last summer that by week four he would be gone.

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 10:00:54 EDT

    In response to NY-PATS-FAN4's comment: In response to pats-fan-2007's comment: Is this a poetry reading? Are we taking a calculus class? Are we playing cribbage over tea? Or is this a football game we more »

  • Posted 09/30/2012 09:58:39 EDT

    Nothing wrong with commenting on what's going on in the game, lets face it they were horrible in the first half , particularly on offense. What are we supposed to say? This is great, just how I envisi more »

  • Posted 09/30/2012 07:10:18 EDT

    Spikes, he forced two fumbles. Look at the replay, it was Spikes , not Vince.

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 07:02:06 EDT

    He can't hit the fg with the game on the line. If it was for the super bowl like Adam did twice how would we feel? I know I wouldn't expect him to make it. The umass kicker in camp was decent.  They n more »

  • Forum Post: Warnings Were Out

    Posted 09/30/2012 06:57:07 EDT

    Yup, I agree. Nice thread rusty. They have two good backs, I'd like to see a 60-40 run pass ratio.    It's been proven over and over that when they run they win, when they pass too much they lose. It' more »

  • Posted 09/30/2012 04:09:10 EDT

    Brady has had a great 2nd half after a sub par first half. Excellent rebound and adjustments , especially on offense. The running game has been great.

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 04:01:34 EDT

    Can the offense close it out? Run the ball , use the clock!

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 03:42:50 EDT

    In response to brazilnut's comment: Brady got away with a short pass there.  with a running game like today our pass game will only get better.  We have mixed it up nicely the last two drives. Yep, it more »

  • Posted 09/30/2012 03:41:02 EDT

    In response to isurfvb24's comment: YOU THINK MCDANIELS LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THIS GAME??? No. He i continues to do the same thing over and over again. Running the ball works, the trick plays are a wa more »

  • Posted 09/30/2012 03:37:53 EDT

    Run the ball , keep running. eat up the clock and run the ball

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 02:57:27 EDT

    The run works so its time they go back to deep incomplete passes and sacks

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 02:55:42 EDT

    Put mallet in the game. It's not like they are going to win with Brady in there. See what he can do. 

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  • Posted 09/30/2012 02:54:18 EDT

    In response to ma6dragon9's comment: What did I say about the middle of the field...unbelievable. 4/5 plays on O have been passes after Ridley is averaging 7+ per carry. That 5th was a run by Bolden. more »