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  • Posted 08/06/2015 01:46:23 EDT

    Who are you, Mr. Littleton, to ruminate on my ability to orate and pontificate? I will have you know that your caterwauling is causing no stalling, no stonewalling in my pursuit of Ms. Jowanski's clai more »

  • Posted 08/06/2015 01:39:31 EDT

    Hold it right there Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Poopshops, my client Ms. Jowanski has enjoined litigation to cease proliferation of all the defamation that comes from your imagination. See if you can resist t more »

  • Posted 07/14/2015 01:52:03 EDT

    OH MY DEAR GOODNESS I have taken out an order of restrainatation against the LW for her violations relating to her unfounded gesticulations about my client's premature ejaculation. Look clearly at the more »

  • Comment on: Attached To Mike

    Posted 06/30/2015 09:49:29 EDT

    And who are you to be claiming that my client, the LW, has any relation to your firm of litigation? This Mike is lecherous, treacherous, obstreporous, igneous and digney fingeyous. more »

  • Posted 06/19/2015 03:01:45 EDT

    I am mellifluously frantacious over the umbilical treatment of my client, Mr. Zmedd. My client has been subject to mendacious lambastation from comments all around the nation! So pardon my consternati more »

  • Posted 06/12/2015 02:23:59 EDT

    Before any of you say one more word, let me first say that the scurrilous investitute known as Porkhop Lawyer in no way represents my client or speaks for any commentator or prestidigitator on this si more »

  • Posted 06/12/2015 09:06:28 EDT

    These surreptitious allegations are salacious, hellacious and fellatious. Nothing could be further from the truth, my client's veracity is only matched by her tenacity and her perspicacity. Your menda more »

  • Posted 06/12/2015 08:58:26 EDT

    I must strenuously object to the attacks on my client, the LW. She does not suffer from vanity and thus does not merit the inanity and profanity usually reserved for a huge manatee. She is right to qu more »

  • Posted 06/08/2015 10:29:49 EDT

    My client, Ms. Becabooboo, has suffered 23 years of frustration, disparagation and discrimination, all due to her boyfriend's initial false allegations of infidelitation, and for this she is due much more »

  • Posted 06/05/2015 10:55:06 EDT

    I will SCURRILOUSLY PROLIFERATE anyone who tries to abscondify with my abstemious client, Mr. Porkshops. more »

  • Posted 06/03/2015 02:06:18 EDT

    I will not STAND for any more of this aggression, repression, oppression and demand a confession from those who see this woman as having a disability, no utility and limited mobility. Her pain may be more »

  • Posted 02/12/2015 03:14:37 EST

    My client the LW has been brutalized and colonized by the accusation that she has catastrophized. This mendacious, rapacious, conflagracious indignation will lead to pugnacious adjudication. more »

  • Posted 02/04/2015 04:24:21 EST

    I represent plaintiffs Cilantro #1-4 in their indignation and protestation which will result in adjudication. How dare Cilantro5 and Cilantro6 engage in misappropriation of nomenclation, are they ineb more »

  • Posted 01/07/2015 09:43:52 EST

    My female client is OUTRAGED at your insinuation that his lack of visitation requires documentation. This man has been in abstentia almost like he never met ya. His only hope is to plead insanity and more »

  • Posted 12/11/2014 08:37:31 EST

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! My client Mr. Edelman has been castigated in a manner demonstrated to be unmitigated. His attempts at remuneration have been met with nothing but humiliation! This whole kerfluffle more »

  • Posted 10/22/2014 09:54:53 EDT

    Terrifying! Mortifying! And stupefying! This teenage letter writer has got to tame her ocean of emotions that are causing such munificent notions. Otherwise she will be spurned and burned before she h more »

  • Posted 10/01/2014 01:15:30 EDT

    What is all of this skullduggery about my client's husbandry? My client has been smeared, jeered, and defamed and all the while has been framed! I cannot wait until he takes action to obtain satisfact more »

  • Posted 09/25/2014 02:38:23 EDT

    I am outraged, OUTRAGED at this demonstration of vilification that my client has had to suffer as it is printed all across this nation. THERE WILL BE NO TOLERATION! The unfounded charge of jealousy is more »

  • Posted 11/08/2013 10:51:41 EST

    LW, you have clearly been injured and deserve restitution from the institution that caused degradation by elimination of your employment situation. This conflagration and poor communication with your more »

  • Posted 10/09/2012 02:00:48 EDT

    Who here is engaged in judgification of this man's incarceration based on some letter writer's secondhand citation? I am happy to provide representation that will no doubt result in remuneration for t more »

  • Comment on: He borrowed money

    Posted 05/11/2012 10:15:45 EDT

    What is all this talk about lawsuits and litigation, and restitution for her contributions? My client has been egregiously libeled and slandered by this game-playing LL jezebel! Her comments are injur more »

  • Posted 03/16/2012 11:12:31 EDT

    I am here to serve notice that I am filing an injunction to cease function of all seven of the powerful Houses of Porkshops. My blind clients do not appreciate those who are jocular about matters ocul more »

  • Forum Post: Where's the party?

    Posted 03/03/2012 11:03:20 EST

    Who is this scurrilous huguenot who is asking for someone's daughter's phone number? I will immediately file litigation to cease the perpetration that is causing you exasperation. Of all the fallaciou more »

  • Posted 02/02/2012 08:24:44 EST

    Account switchin' takes fast twitchin' so yiou can get in your b--chin' before any abuse report snitchin'. more »

  • Posted 12/20/2011 12:31:53 EST

    I have had my services rendered by a Mr. Incomplete in Boston, and any suggestion that he is a drug-abusing, malfeasant, child-neglecting malcontent is unscrupulous, cantankerous and unabashedly malig more »