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  • Posted 01/29/2015 05:33:01 EST

    In response to agcsbill's comment: Generally, I watch quite a bit of the talking heads in the week leading up to the Super Bowl regardless of who is playing. My day would begin with Mike&Mike, First a more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 05:11:35 EST

    In response to pcmIV's comment: Well Blandino just said in the press conference today that the officials don't actually log the PSI of any of the balls they approve for play. Sort of makes it hard to more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 02:19:33 EST

    Nah, for $5,700, I can buy a new 80" TV to replace my 48" TV to watch the game on, buy a new Recliner to replace my existing comfortable Recliner and have a couple of thousand left over.   :)


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  • Posted 01/28/2015 04:43:26 EST

    In response to Jaxxon's comment: But the Patriots winning by 21 would be damn close....   I am in Phoenix right now and this is no fun - at all. That was really something.  We as Boston Sports fans ha more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 04:27:25 EST

    Thanks for putting a positive story out Braden. Not that it makes any difference, but I'm keeping track of the local sportswriters that decided to pile on and join in with the negative bashing by ESPN more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 01:28:43 EST

    I also heard x-Jet Cromartie praise the Pats and dismiss deflategate.    I wanted to see if things were toned down on First Take and there was hardly a negative thing said.  Hmmmmmm.

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  • Forum Post: Marshawn Lynch

    Posted 01/28/2015 10:46:57 EST

    My initial reaction was to think he's an a hole.  But after "further review" he appears to be an enemy of the NFL and "any enemy of my enemy is my friend".   Having said that, I do hope that he has a more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 10:10:25 EST

    In response to BabeParilli's comment: As I posted early on, there was a report from a former ballboy that the refs usually just rubber stamp the balls.   But, in this case, the NFL was supposedly info more »

  • Posted 01/28/2015 10:00:32 EST

    In response to neinmd's comment: [QUOTE] "What we know for an absolute fact is that people inside the NFL leaked a lot of half-baked and uncorroborated information to the press in this process. What w more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 06:07:42 EST

    Well Done Tex.

    Nothing to add except to quote Al Davis and say "Just Win Baby!"

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  • Posted 01/27/2015 02:06:02 EST

    Thank you Chad! It seems like I've been waiting forever for a Boston Sports Writer to step up and deliver on this issue. The lack of support of our team by local writers such as Jackie Mac and Bob Rya more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 01:37:50 EST

    There's not one mention of what if here.   Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Chad Finn

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  • Posted 01/27/2015 01:24:12 EST

    Thanks for the info Rkarp. This story has the makings of a great movie about twisting truth and the real definition of integity.  IMO, The NFL front office and the media speaks about integity of the g more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 12:21:36 EST

    In response to patsbandwagonsince76's comment:   I would put him in a different c more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 10:55:51 EST

    In response to WeedWaiting's comment: In response to NCPatsFan1971's comment: [QUOTE] Thanks for all the laughs this AM Guys.  It appears that this "leak" from the League was peeing against the wind.  more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 09:44:08 EST

    Thanks for all the laughs this AM Guys. 

    It appears that this "leak" from the League was peeing against the wind.  

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  • Forum Post: Blizzard 2015

    Posted 01/26/2015 09:59:17 EST

    In response to NOISE's comment:  Everyone here in the north east , please be careful ... and go pats!  Ignore the Noise! Yep.  I still have family up there and hope everything turns out OK. BTW, this more »

  • Forum Post: BOYCOTT ESPN

    Posted 01/26/2015 09:21:26 EST

    In response to TexasPat's comment: In response to dbeach48's comment: [QUOTE] Dan shanassey in AZ bashing TB  ban Every Globe writer too &  throw in comcast ( felgie Mazz holly..)       AMEN, BROTHER! more »

  • Forum Post: BOYCOTT ESPN

    Posted 01/26/2015 09:15:37 EST

    In response to ImagydVast's comment: whoa.. should stop watching around the horn and PTI.. tonyornheiser has been all over us.. ditto with stephen A and Jemele Hill. its not that simple.. they want en more »

  • Forum Post: Mike

    Posted 01/26/2015 07:51:53 EST

    I just wrote an email to Mike. Anybody who has not written Mike or called ESPN PLEASE DO IT ASAP. Nobody is seeing our complaints here we need to at least take a couple of swings instead of chumping o more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 06:00:55 EST

    In response to harleyroadking1's comment: just did..... told them Im done with them and that they suck ********************************************************************************************      more »

  • Forum Post: BOYCOTT ESPN

    Posted 01/26/2015 05:57:21 EST

    Call them and tell that you are boycotting them and why.  I just did.

    There's a very short menu - select TV and I only had to wait a matter of seconds and got a live person.


    Lets do this!

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  • Posted 01/26/2015 05:54:36 EST

    Oh BTW, this is our chance to do something besides just talking about amongst ourselves.

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  • Posted 01/26/2015 05:52:20 EST

    I just called them and it only took me a couple of minutes to register my complaint with ESPN TV The Number is 888-549-3776 I told him that I was boycotting ESPN and everthing related to it because of more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 04:27:05 EST

    In response to ewhite1065's comment: Wouldn't matter much to me. I'm not sure why this report is even considered sinister. Obviously the NFL has already interviewed him and has nothing. I would say th more »