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  • Posted 08/13/2012 06:31:26 EDT

    Gilbert O'Sullivan...alone again naturally.... I know.

  • Posted 03/19/2012 03:04:54 EDT

    is 370 many?

  • Posted 03/19/2012 02:45:26 EDT

    I recommended "Buttsecks?"

  • Posted 03/16/2012 05:29:43 EDT

    I cant get out of this week fast enough. My brain is thirsty.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 05:13:43 EDT

    define pretty?

  • Posted 03/16/2012 05:09:25 EDT

    I'm not Porkshop, my name is Julie.....Porkshop left you years ago.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 05:07:37 EDT

    VODKA is a vegetable... sorry.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 05:06:17 EDT

    the best fruit to go with white zinfandel is vodka

  • Posted 03/16/2012 05:04:42 EDT

    Please let me go, I promise to be good. I wont tell I promise.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 04:36:46 EDT

    Oh ya, let me run over to my cubicle and get that report for you....(twist,twist, glurgle glurgle glurgle "smack" twist twist)

  • Posted 03/16/2012 02:25:57 EDT

    "We removed -kaptainfriday-'s comment."

    ?? what could he possibly have said that was offensive, IT HAS TO HAVE been misconstrued.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 02:13:50 EDT

    Rank Number One, in I meant. right? I mean? I need to begin the St Paddys day thing early, like pulling from my shiny little desk drawer buddy. mmmmmmm vodka-y.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 02:11:02 EDT

    I have a couple of other things that Boston Men Rank No One in.

  • Posted 03/16/2012 01:51:42 EDT

    Per one of todays BDC cover stories: "George Clooney and his father, Nick, were arrested on March 16 after protesting outside of the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C." Okay, ladies, could he possib more »

  • Posted 03/16/2012 01:38:15 EDT

    reindeergirl wrote: My bad, too, Stormy. Two years in France, and I can't keep my authors straight. :( Let's move on to Pound, shall we? Beautiful Imagist poetry; crazy psycho poet. See? Easy-peasy! L more »

  • Comment on: I'm bad at dating

    Posted 03/09/2012 01:51:24 EST

    GEE Sus. This is just too depressing, please hang yourself. more »

  • Posted 03/06/2012 10:48:07 EST

    Okay, using the word "pupate" in a sentence. cooooool. more »

  • Posted 03/06/2012 10:18:41 EST

    I am not sure why he had to move out, this confuses me. She states that he is now at her place the majority of the time. In my experience, two can live as cheaply as one. Learning how to deal with thi more »

  • Posted 03/06/2012 10:10:47 EST

    Eloping is the kindest thing I ever did for myself and my family. more »

  • Posted 03/06/2012 10:04:05 EST

    The letter actually made me sicker than I already felt. LW, if your really believe this person is the one you want to spend your days with, excluding all others, then, it can certainly stand a period more »

  • Posted 03/05/2012 11:08:28 EST

    LW, this is a non issue. Please take your head out of your bum, take a look around, the world is filled with real issues. The Kardashians... the new season of Dancing With the Stars.... more »

  • Posted 03/01/2012 03:48:26 EST

    I really need a drink now.
    It was right there at the brink, then snatched back, in the nick of time. more »

  • Posted 03/01/2012 03:43:52 EST

    I am left utterly breathless more »

  • Posted 03/01/2012 02:59:30 EST

    really --I hope kaptain doesn't get out that and breathe in any of that stuff. more »

  • Posted 03/01/2012 02:58:49 EST

    air can cause big problems for us smokers. more »