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  • Posted 11/21/2014 10:42:38 EST

    In response to ANONMD08's comment: In response to Bill-806's comment: [QUOTE] In response to 2004Idiot's comment: [QUOTE] Nick Cafardo‏@nickcafardo 36m36 minutes agoAccording to a mAjor league sourc more »

  • Posted 11/20/2014 06:36:12 EST

    In response to emp9's comment: In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] In response to emp9's comment: [QUOTE] If feel like some here maybe bending a certain term, namely 'Prime Years', and y more »

  • Forum Post: Cole Hamels

    Posted 11/20/2014 05:37:35 EST

    In response to fishers5's comment: In response to moonslav59's comment: [QUOTE] In response to notin's comment: [QUOTE] I definitely disagree that Shields plus keeping prospects is smarter than tradin more »

  • Posted 12/06/2013 05:54:37 EST

    and you have to admit, the Yankees and Cashman have always been able to pull off a trade or two that looks like a steal, especially after their prospects prove they were nothing but overhyped to begin more »

  • Posted 08/08/2013 06:13:28 EDT

    Bogaerts and Middlebrooks both 0-1 in Pawtucket game, batting 2nd and 3rd in the lineup.

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  • Posted 08/08/2013 06:08:33 EDT

    Steven Wright going down.

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  • Posted 08/08/2013 04:24:58 EDT

    Royals have very good pitching.  Sox may lose this series.  Hopefully not swept.  Would have loved to see Bogaerts called up to replace Thornton on the roster.  Great chance to get the youngster some more »

  • Posted 08/08/2013 03:48:15 EDT

    I admit I am jumping to huge conclusions here, but a year or two of great power numbers that go away as the PEDs investigation finally becomes serious leads me to huge suspicions.  Unless and until th more »

  • Posted 07/31/2013 12:41:11 EDT

    In response to southpaw777's comment: In response to parhunter55's comment: [QUOTE]   There is a very real possibility that until the Sox got Detroit to include Avasail Garcia in the deal that Jackie more »

  • Posted 07/31/2013 12:35:07 EDT

    Oh, and giving up the 3 youngsters does nothing to alleviate the rule 5 draft dillema this winter, at all.  Better to have traded some excesses they are going to lose anyway.

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  • Posted 07/31/2013 12:31:14 EDT

    There is a very real possibility that until the Sox got Detroit to include Avasail Garcia in the deal that Jackie Bradley was considered a possible trade piece, rather than Iggy.  At least that is how more »

  • Posted 07/30/2013 09:15:38 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment: [QUOTE]   Hearing that JBJ was taken out of PawSox game, apparently because he may be traded.     I don't want to hear that. Sa more »

  • Posted 07/30/2013 02:55:27 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment:   In response to parhunter55's comment:     In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment   The Phillies have no desire for a third base prospect unless it's a guy more »

  • Posted 07/30/2013 02:25:34 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: The Phillies have no desire for a third base prospect unless it's a guy lower in the system.  Of course they would take a guy like Cecchini but he's going to more »

  • Posted 07/30/2013 02:21:58 EDT

    Sounds like the Phils are asking for Bogaerts, Bradley and Workman for starters; they may want another lower level pitching prospect as well.  That and the Sox take on all of Lee's contract. Not worth more »

  • Posted 04/10/2013 12:08:35 EDT

    Oh, yay.  Or should it be, oy vey?  I don't expect much from Aceves.  He's been a disaster going on for quite some time.

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  • Posted 04/10/2013 12:06:11 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: In response to snakeoil123's comment:   In response to pumpsie-green's comment:   I think Dumpster is useless. He is facing a pretty good Orioles lineup. Here i more »

  • Posted 04/10/2013 12:02:01 EDT

    What you describe is ramapnt throughout our society.  It seems the only people who do things based on good research are the creators of advertisements. But it does surprise me that teams haven't figur more »

  • Posted 04/09/2013 12:21:15 EDT

    Ironically, one week into the season and between the two rookies, Bradley is the one who looks overmatched at the plate.  It seems to me that it WAS a mistake bringing Bradley Jr. north.  He would hav more »

  • Posted 04/08/2013 11:52:59 EDT

    Easy Drew.  He had a HR this evening.  4 of Iggy's hits never left the infield.  And he will not hit .450 the rest of the season, so when his average returns to planet earth (in about 3 more »

  • Posted 03/31/2013 03:10:21 EDT

    Got to go with redsoxdirtdog on this one.  Chemistry IS a big deal.  It is NOT, however just about getting along and having a good time.  It is about having each other's back, while still able to goad more »

  • Posted 03/31/2013 02:58:11 EDT

    I predicted on a thread that Doubront will pitch his way out of the rotation by May.  At that time, I thought Steven Wright would be the guy to take his place, and win 12 games.  That was early in ST. more »

  • Posted 03/28/2013 10:14:36 EDT

    Iglesias is now hitting .297!  Of course that is alsopretty much his OBP, but still.  That's good enough offense for him to be the starter, considering the glove he brings.  So, what happens with Drew more »

  • Posted 03/28/2013 10:02:28 EDT

    The worst thing about being a Mets fan is that there isn't even any hope on the horizon.  Everything since the Johann acquisition has pretty much blown up in their faces, and their farm system seems t more »

  • Posted 03/28/2013 09:48:06 EDT

    Love the attitude.

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