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  • Posted 06/10/2013 10:39:01 EDT

    42and46 I just want to remind you Smith had a concussion which is considered an injury.

  • Posted 09/11/2011 08:21:32 EDT

    if You dont like the U.S.A then get the f__k out!!! try going to live in the middle east and see how long it takes to get beheaded for not having the same beliefs as them. or go blow yourself up in th more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 06:40:50 EDT

    Babe do you need the extra obsorbant tampons today ? Its a joke come down. more »


    Posted 07/29/2011 05:26:48 EDT

    In Response to Re: PURE SPECULATION?:

         Braylon Edwards and Shaun Ellis from Jets to Pats. 
    Posted by TexasPat3

    F**K BRAYLON EDWARDS!!!!!!!! more »

  • Posted 04/19/2011 01:04:21 EDT

    i think the point is the jets can beat the pats big deal. come back when they when a title. granted the pats have not one anything other than a div. title since 2007 but whats the last thing the jets more »

  • Posted 11/01/2010 01:08:55 EDT

    In Response to Re: ESPN- Expect Pryor to get suspended: I'm glad this came up because I wanted to get other peoples opinion on this. I watched this over and over and I can't see his helmet getting tha more »

  • Posted 10/09/2010 03:36:06 EDT

    its the first game of the season people, calm down. plenty of more games to play before we all panic more »

  • Forum Post: Patrick Crayton

    Posted 09/03/2010 02:57:24 EDT

    i heard jerry rice and michael irvin are the next we sign for the vet. minimum. more »

  • Forum Post: Brandon Tate

    Posted 08/07/2010 03:41:23 EDT

    In Response to Re: Brandon Tate: He's the real deal.  This team is stacked from top to bottom aside from OLB. Posted by PatsFanGermany  i heard a few years ago before the season or pre season started more »

  • Posted 08/07/2010 03:36:18 EDT

    In Response to Why is the media ripping Favre?: Just curious what your thoughts are? Seems to me Favre was minding his own business on his farm when a report comes out of nowhere from a unanmed source more »

  • Posted 06/01/2010 10:18:17 EDT

    In Response to OT: Thanks to those that served: Most of us will be enjoying this Monday off. I hope everyone takes just a minute to understand why. Today we honor those who paid the ultimate price for more »

  • Posted 03/21/2010 03:50:56 EDT

    pats 7393 and jcour382 and any other vet reading here thanks for your service!!!!!!! stay proud of that more »

  • Posted 03/07/2010 06:31:05 EST

    hey guts dont forget hw reed's qb's have been so think of his potential numbers with a qb like brady. and whos the better recievers out there ? t.o ? im all set with aworthless prima donna on hour tea more »

  • Posted 02/11/2010 08:59:56 EST

    In Response to Re: Stallworth to Return to Pats?: Well, clearly the guy had it coming. I mean where the hell does he come off walking around in public like that. I just hope someday the Stallworth fam more »

  • Posted 02/11/2010 03:39:47 EST

    In Response to Re: Stallworth to Return to Pats?: I'm all set with having a murderer on the team. He can have a second chance. I just don't want it to be here. Let the Bengals sign him. Posted by dafo more »

  • Posted 02/04/2010 04:53:03 EST

    i could see trading something/someone for chestor taylor hes a good back with a lot of miles on him since hes petersons back up more »

  • Posted 02/01/2010 02:19:24 EST

    its great to see someone of vince's status to do that for those kids. like black and gold said, it's rare to here athletes and star's helping out in a physical way and not just righting a check for a more »

  • Posted 01/16/2010 09:08:23 EST

    maritime pats fan, i agree with everything just want to point out he was drafted in 2005i believe maybe 20006 so i dont think he is over the hill, just to many knee injuries in his college andearly pr more »

  • Forum Post: thomas

    Posted 11/10/2009 01:31:57 EST

     i think adalius thomas looked pretty good on sunday. not great but pretty freakin good. whats everyone elses thoughts ?  more »

  • Forum Post: Edgerin James

    Posted 11/04/2009 08:26:30 EST

    In Response to Re: Edgerin James: Good Morning Gang! On a scale from 1 to 10 -1 being the most annoying-How would you rate Raptors John Stuart Mills quote and the One Shot One Kill saying. I give it a more »

  • Forum Post: What a CHEAP SHOT!

    Posted 08/29/2009 04:40:41 EDT

    In Response to Re: What a CHEAP SHOT!: This is a silly thread.  Especially from fans of a team who like to tell everyone how tough their team is and how soft every other team is.  For a team known for more »

  • Posted 08/18/2009 08:35:18 EDT

     the death star will destroy the jets!!! more »

  • Posted 01/20/2009 09:35:38 EST

    [Quote] I have Irish first and middle names. Does that make me a member of the IRA? How is his heratige or his name something that he can control or should be expected to hide? Whether or not you vote more »

  • Posted 01/20/2009 09:31:36 EST

    [Quote]OnTheLeft says " those of you on the right have come pretty close to destroying this country." ~~~~~~~~~~~ Look to your own party, Left, as one who has full complicity in that destruction, alon more »

  • Posted 01/20/2009 09:27:37 EST

    what are people going to do when pres. obama cannot save the world like people think he is going to do. he is not the savior of our country. pres. obama can only do as much as the senate and house of more »

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