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  • Posted 02/25/2010 01:28:45 EST

    Instead of us wasting their parts, I think that it is very "green" to use an entire animal that is inevitably going to be sacrificed. I recently read that animal guts can be used as a bio fuel, and ev more »

  • Posted 02/09/2010 10:19:22 EST

    I consider myself to be a serious chocolate connoisseur...or more like a chocky-junkie. Gotta get my fix whenever and wherever I can. I've tasted many-a-brand of organic and fair trade varieties in my more »

  • Posted 10/15/2009 02:23:51 EDT

    Thanks a lot for writing about this. I just tweeted it and posted it on www.greenwala.com (an online green themed social network). Here's the link to our events page: http://www.greenwala.com/communit more »

  • Posted 10/15/2009 02:14:52 EDT

    If anyone finds themselves with a surplus of apples, you might want to make this great Apple-Ginger Stack Cake http://bit.ly/328qRq or if you want to channel your grammer school days, you might want t more »

  • Posted 07/31/2009 03:53:23 EDT

    A "must read" for anyone who is constantly on the lookout for the next best list of inspiring tips to do better by Mother Nature.  Half tongue-in-cheek and half dead-on, this guide is on the pulse of more »

  • Posted 07/28/2009 04:19:33 EDT

    This type of lifestyle sounds like the perfect antidote to what has long been a far too fast paced and stressful way of life for the majority of us. It is yet another example of how everything old is more »

  • Posted 07/15/2009 07:50:14 EDT

    Oh, I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience seeing this recipe for lard pie crust...this after having launched a discussion topic on pig fat being the greener, healthier fat just a few days a more »

  • Posted 07/15/2009 07:24:54 EDT

    I just read a summary of the most intriguing fuel alternatives on www.greenwala.com (an online green social network) -- this is a must read for all greenies -- http://www.greenwala.com/community/blogs more »

  • Posted 07/09/2009 04:19:13 EDT

    I am in agreement with most of the people here about being a good, conscientious citizen (green, too) and making the most of a seen-better-days TV set rather than just throwing it in a junk heap. It i more »

  • Posted 07/08/2009 10:21:23 EDT

    It's nice to see that if you can believe it, you can achieve it. I know so many women who are phenomenal cooks but don't realize that they can do so more with their skills beyond the four walls of the more »

  • Posted 07/06/2009 07:27:08 EDT

    This is an extraordinary way to channel waste products like methane and cow excrement into sources of fuel that positively impact our energy future and take a bite out of our greenhouse gasses in the more »

  • Posted 06/26/2009 08:34:15 EDT

    All of these picks sound scrumptious -- I can't wait to eat my way through the city. I recently entered a recipe contest on www.greenwala.com (an online green social network) because I'm a foodie and more »

  • Posted 06/18/2009 03:53:57 EDT

    This is an interesting concept, and I can see how it would appeal to some people. On www.greenwala.com (an online green social network) I read about a California-based company called Backyard Farm tha more »

  • Posted 06/12/2009 06:15:22 EDT

    Anyone who finds this interesting may appreciate an article that was recently posted on www.greenwala.com (which is an online green blogging platform and social network). It focuses on the amazing liv more »