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  • Posted 05/29/2010 01:18:09 EDT

    Why so many people have problems with signing Thomas for 4 year contract? If we would lose Rask I see some concerns, but if he knew that Rask will be signed then I guess he did his job and did it very more »

  • Posted 05/28/2010 04:49:52 EDT

    If I'm not mistaken but Cherry example shouldn't be compared here. It's coach fault when one player going out and two going in instead it means lack of discipline and not knowing your position or play more »

  • Posted 05/28/2010 04:15:22 EDT

    In Response to Re: Does Chara and Bergeron get extensions past 2010-2011 season?: Yaz16 you might want to stick to baseball even though some of your critique of Chara is right on. He is not a smart ho more »

  • Posted 05/27/2010 05:28:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: Let's trade the #2 pick to the Ducks for their #12 and #29: Completely OT, but the symmetry is interesting.  Bruins pick three spots after each of these picks, and only because the more »

  • Posted 05/27/2010 04:03:56 EDT

    In Response to Re: Either of top 2 picks will be wasted playing THE TRAP...: bluefox70 - "never competed athletically" - take the personal rips out of the equation on these post would ya...I was paid more »

  • Forum Post: Makes sense now

    Posted 05/19/2010 06:38:30 EDT

    In Response to Re: Makes sense now: Hate to point out to you that more fans were watching the Bruins games on TV than both the Sox and Celtics games played on the same nights.  Rowdy, is this a poll t more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 06:21:14 EDT

    In Response to Perspective from other fans: I work with Caps fans, Flyers fans and Pittsburgh fans. After all the razzing on this fiasco I asked their thoughts. Chara: Some think he is passive and slo more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 06:18:10 EDT

    In Response to Re: Perspective from other fans: In Response to Perspective from other fans : Really ?  did he coach the Flyer players to shoot off Bruin defense and deflect to score goals (1st and 3rd more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 06:11:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: Quit hating Wheeler!: In Response to Re: Quit hating Wheeler! : Exactly.  Wheeler has neither heart nor skill, and therefore the Bruins should let him go. Posted by TimThomas-god He more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 05:55:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: JOE THORTON AND PHIL KESSEL: In Response to Re: JOE THORTON AND PHIL KESSEL : Bingo! there will always be a few hardcore laughable sheep around like BruinsCountry but fortunately th more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 05:19:58 EDT

    In Response to Re: Quit hating Wheeler!: Wheeler instills the no heart that this team has. He needs to go. Posted by jwb413 You don't win Cup with the heart. You win Cup with the skill. A lot of peopl more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 02:57:10 EDT

    Hi is definitely better than Paille. Give him qualifying offfer 2 mil. should be enough  and if somebody give him 3 mil than get first round pick in return.

    more »

  • Posted 05/05/2010 04:54:46 EDT

    Also if we discuss here a final decision making then signing Hanwick, Krejci and Thomas should be credited to Chia as well. So except for Bergeron contract I don't see any O'Connell fingerprints on th more »

  • Forum Post: So Kovalchuk....

    Posted 04/28/2010 06:14:20 EDT

    I completely agree with you on Kovy point. It can't be guarantee same way as here. And yes, signing Kovy to 10 mil would be absolutely crazy and irresponsible from money management prospective, so he more »

  • Forum Post: So Kovalchuk....

    Posted 04/28/2010 05:40:19 EDT

    In Response to Re: So Kovalchuk....: morphosis - all but $900K of Hall/Seguin's salary will measured against the bonus cushion and not the standard cap figure. SanDog - if you don't make Wheeler a qua more »

  • Posted 11/05/2009 02:41:23 EST

    In Response to Re: Rask signs 2 year extension: Looks like it'll be around 1.5 mil. which makes sense. It's a great overall signing for Tuukka and cap friendly for the B's. Good News! Posted by MDsizz more »

  • Posted 10/19/2009 04:13:24 EDT

    I just don't see how this move can be criticized. Even more I don't see how it can be linked to JJ. Come on guys; please stop complaining about something that was 20 years ago. As soon as JJ spends up more »

  • Posted 07/05/2009 02:14:36 EDT

    I would love to agree with those who says that if JJ spends up to the cap we shouldn't moan about past. But what about Schaefer buyout don't you think it's JJ decision? I'm pretty sure PC isn't so dum more »

  • Posted 07/02/2009 04:52:42 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bruins do NOTHING to improve team: In Response to Re: Bruins do NOTHING to improve team : Sorry buddy, savard is a bargain at 5 mil. no chance of signing lower. Posted by pauly1 Abs more »

  • Posted 07/02/2009 02:55:55 EDT

    In Response to Re: More Chiarelli blunders COSTING B's (Schaefer bought out): buying out schaefer was good the cap took a hit but he got rid of dead weight axi needs to go kobasew needs to be traded w more »

  • Posted 07/02/2009 02:48:03 EDT

    In Response to Re: More Chiarelli blunders COSTING B's (Schaefer bought out): I don't understand why this is so hard to grasp for some of you. They bought out a worthless player to make room for a new more »

  • Posted 07/02/2009 02:26:34 EDT

    In Response to Re: More Chiarelli blunders COSTING B's (Schaefer bought out): Poster does not understand buyouts. The buyout is so that he WONT be able to take home the full salary and have it affect more »

  • Posted 07/01/2009 05:45:38 EDT

    What number? Do you really think that PC had to sign him for say 3 mil for next 4 years? He got into club in mid-season. Coach complained about his defensive responsibilities. I would say he need at l more »

  • Posted 07/01/2009 05:25:45 EDT

    So my guess would be we can match everything below this number $1,307,811 and if anybody will give him like 2 mil we will be stay with 2nd round pick compensation. Probably fair. BTW definitely nobody more »

  • Posted 07/01/2009 05:16:28 EDT

    I don't know 2 mil for Gill seems reasonable number to me. Look he is no good in attack but as stay at home he is pretty good. You don't expect a lot of scoring when he is on the ice, but at least he more »