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  • Posted 05/22/2015 10:33:38 EDT

    ^THIS!!! He sounds like a selfish prick. Tell him to run along!

  • Comment on: He Changed

    Posted 05/08/2015 09:17:09 EDT

    (oops) emotional abuse or worse.

  • Comment on: He Changed

    Posted 05/08/2015 09:16:14 EDT

    Even when he's in a good mood, a basic conversation makes me feel like I'm walking on eggshells for the rest of the night. Honestly what you are describing sound like some serious red flags on the way more »

  • Comment on: He Changed

    Posted 05/08/2015 09:14:31 EDT

    This! more »

  • Comment on: She Wants More Sex

    Posted 05/05/2015 09:53:21 EDT

    If all the women you date have no interest in sex... there just might be a reason that has nothing to do with low sex drive. It's got to feel good to want more of it... more »

  • Comment on: I Squish

    Posted 04/29/2015 10:10:29 EDT

    "As I get older..." (agh) more »

  • Posted 04/16/2015 09:41:44 EDT

    How do I know? Definitely not from TV! I have friends who are in their 60's and they not only have great bodies they like to use them. Being healthy has it's perks ;). more »

  • Posted 04/16/2015 11:25:50 EDT

    Why is there so much ageism on LL's? I'm nowhere near my 60's but there are plenty of hot 60 year olds and they aren't all playing bingo and sitting around glued to their TV. Many of them are working, more »

  • Posted 04/14/2015 10:22:33 EDT

    I was in this exact same situation with a man that I loved very much 6 years ago. I was with him for 2 years and after 6 months I started to bring up the baby conversation. In the beginning I would sa more »

  • Posted 03/31/2015 10:20:01 EDT

    A lurker who's sad there's not letter today :(. more »

  • Posted 08/26/2014 10:00:28 EDT

    I really don't think you need to accept being alone forever just because you're a minister. I have an old family friend who is a minister - I think she had given up on love herself for other reasons. more »

  • Posted 02/15/2013 09:14:02 EST

    Yes among other reasons porkchop, but I've realized that it is a good indicator, and thought that might help the letter-writer get her hips moving.

    more »

  • Posted 02/15/2013 09:12:13 EST

    It was just dancing Zemptember and hunk a hunk!!! I ended the night WITH MY GUY but it was disappointing and sad because I would much rather have been dancing and feeling it w/MY GUY.

    more »

  • Posted 02/14/2013 10:37:52 EST

    After the Caribbean experience (true story) I decided that refusal to dance was a deal breaker. Not being the best dancer is fine - just f-ing try to move your body that's all I ask. Maybe this is why more »

  • Posted 02/14/2013 10:33:06 EST

    I'm never going to date another man who can't dance if I can help it! For me dancing is foreplay, it is part of the fun of being with someone and it is an important way that I connect with my partner. more »

  • Comment on: I want to wait

    Posted 10/25/2011 09:45:49 EDT

    Personally I think there is a pretty big difference between oral and going "all the way". Besides a different level of emotional intimacy, there is another difference. It is "the conversation" that ne more »

  • Posted 09/18/2010 11:03:39 EDT

    Wow, you people are a bunch of haters! Newsflash, not everyone works a 9-5 job and we still manage to make a living and pay taxes. Some of us find time to relax, have fun and bring a little sense of h more »