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  • Posted 01/24/2011 10:15:52 EST

    The link is self explanatory but I want to hear the Faker fans reaction to this. Also his take on Boston..........Please indulge me. more »

  • Posted 09/28/2010 12:37:05 EDT

    In Response to Re: kobe and the lakers: Kobe said he got more rings than Shaq. Thanks to Kobe the Celtics got Shaq for the vet's minimum. Such is life.  Posted by P34 ....and in MUCH better shape than more »

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    Posted 09/09/2010 03:58:14 EDT

    If Cliff does go now would be the time for Danny to give his buddy Kevin the big man coach position. Right now I don't know of a better candidate and a perfect fit for this position. What say you? more »