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  • Posted 07/18/2015 12:14:59 EDT

    Some of the veterans in the clubhouse feel like reinforcements should be added to the pitching staff? That might be part of the problem. Maybe some of those veterans should concern themselves with put more »

  • Posted 09/05/2013 10:19:24 EDT

    Put the shift on Soriano and load up the left side - then throw him on the outer half so he can punch the ball through the right side.  Genius.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Buster Olney...

    Posted 03/29/2013 12:46:56 EDT

    Appears to be the $202 million Verlander just got from the Tigers.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Buster Olney...

    Posted 03/29/2013 12:29:07 EDT

    Just tweeted, "hearing rumblings of major news...more to come."


    Could this involve the Sox?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Hanrahan deal done

    Posted 12/26/2012 04:29:08 EST

    So, some are questioning the acquisition of Hanrahan because he is questionable?  Although dominant in 2011 and all of 2012 other than September, he is questionable?  Yet, the Bailey was not?  The cur more »

  • Posted 12/19/2012 09:25:42 EST

    Hailing from Norwalk, Iowa.  FYI

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  • Posted 08/22/2012 10:54:58 EDT

    The Sox do not have a prospect in their system that could be coupled with Ross to get Cole in return. more »

  • Posted 08/21/2012 11:01:22 EDT

    Tampa would be a better trade partner than the Yanks.  There need for offense is GLARING, and they have a deeper pool of talent of which to deal. more »

  • Posted 08/21/2012 10:59:39 EDT

    I mentioned Pittsburgh as a good match before the July deadline, and I still believe it.  They continue to play Garret Jones in RF, and he is awful defensively.  They would help their team a ton by tr more »

  • Posted 07/25/2012 10:25:56 EDT

    In Response to Re: Can Beckett do what Pedro did?: The Red Sox have 4 hits. That won't beat AAA teams. The problem isn't the pitching staff. With Ortiz, the offense had a massive hole in the middle. W more »

  • Posted 07/25/2012 10:20:07 EDT

    In Response to Re: Can Beckett do what Pedro did?: In Response to Can Beckett do what Pedro did? : No because he doesn't have the heart like Pedro did. Next question. Posted by ADG I disagree.  I thin more »

  • Posted 07/25/2012 10:15:19 EDT

    Wow.  Vintage 2012 Beckett. more »

  • Posted 07/25/2012 09:54:30 EDT

    In Response to Re: Can Beckett do what Pedro did?: another quality start for JB... Posted by georom4 I believe 6 inning with 3 or less ER does classify as a quality start.  So, yes he did put up a qua more »

  • Posted 07/25/2012 09:22:53 EDT

    Tonight's 4th inning was a prime example.  Beckett was solid the first 1-2 times through the order, but he is not very good about adjusting throughout the game.  I think this is his major problem - no more »

  • Posted 07/25/2012 09:17:11 EDT

    Beckett seems to be at a point in his career that Pedro also hit.  Beckett no longer ramps his fastball into the mid 90s - staying consistently 90-92.  There are times it seems he gets too stubborn wi more »

  • Posted 07/15/2012 01:32:11 EDT

    pathetic injury for this team.  The Sox fired their complete strength and conditioning staff last - to no avial apparently.  It is time these players need to be held accountable for their physical wel more »

  • Posted 07/10/2012 06:36:31 EDT

    Send Jordan Zimmerman to the Sox for Ellsbury and Beckett?  I am thinking the Sox could pull a prospect or two as well, but I don't know.  The Nats are looking to shore up their CF of the future, and more »

  • Forum Post: Time to sell...

    Posted 07/08/2012 10:19:38 EDT

    It is clear that the current makeup of this team isn't going to turn it around this year.  A healthy Ellsbury, Crawford and Pedey will help, but in reality the offense can only go so far.  The current more »

  • Forum Post: Felix The Cat

    Posted 04/21/2012 10:34:52 EDT

    I'm sure Valentine was cringing when taking Felix out, but he did the right thing.  I love how everyone is panicking and blaming this very short season failure on Valentine.  I don't believe he had mu more »

  • Forum Post: Felix The Cat

    Posted 04/21/2012 10:00:31 EDT

    He actually reminds me a lot of Lester when he first came through.  He had similar stuff but struggled to get through 5-6 innings.  That will come when he gets more confidence in his stuff and challen more »

  • Posted 01/20/2012 07:03:57 EST

    Tough to say the Sox should pull the trigger without anyone knowing what the return would be.  However, I think Aviles is a great insurance policy.  If the Sox get decent pitching in return (bullpen o more »

  • Posted 01/20/2012 06:29:40 EST

    Aviles could give the Sox as much or more than what the Sox got at SS during the WS years.  The guy is very valuable because he can play so many positions, and because of that he has been labeled a "u more »

  • Posted 01/17/2012 08:31:37 EST

    So, would Detroit do a Johnny Peralta/Doug Fister for Youk and Lars?  Youk would give them a good, everyday 3B and Lars would allow them to use Cabrera more at the DH spot.  I would think right now wo more »

  • Posted 01/09/2012 08:42:33 EST

    Could it be that it was established from the very beginning that a ML player was not part of the package?  Could it be that it was decided that a .... type prospect(s) would the return?  Theo says, "I more »

  • Posted 12/30/2011 12:59:11 EST

    The one guy noboby talks much about that I think could help is Tazawa.  He showed some flashes two years ago when he got the call.  Obviously his health is an issue, but I could see him being a real f more »

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