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  • Posted 04/22/2012 11:52:29 EDT

    spinsandwich wrote: Sure the talent is suspect, but have you watched the body language between Bobby V and the players? It's obvious they do not like him or respect him, so how can they play their bes more »

  • Posted 04/21/2012 08:58:22 EDT

  • Posted 04/17/2012 11:43:55 EDT

    Not for nothing my bean eating friends but you guys are starting to make baseball fans forget that the NY Mutts are baseball's biggest laughingstock. I mean, last year it wasn't just that you had the more »

  • Posted 04/17/2012 10:46:41 EDT

    Hahahahaha Red Sox Cody Ross? CODY ROSS???????? You people spend $14 Billion dollars on free agents over the past couple of years..........and you have the retread's retread out there. Dang Yo And Bob more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox’

    Posted 10/05/2011 04:03:07 EDT

    Would Beltre and V-Mart made a difference?

    Who knows - they may have succumbed to the same disease which afflicted the rest of the team.

    Which could actually be a bigger issue for Red Sox nation. more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox’

    Posted 10/05/2011 03:58:36 EDT

    You guys watching the playoffs?

    Some good baseball more »

  • Posted 01/18/2011 11:43:27 EST

    I'm not a Jets fan soooooooooooooooo................ Tom Brady is such a pusssssy. Damn - he could have run for 200 yards if he had wanted to. Guess he doesn't like taking a chance on getting hit. Spe more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 11:03:11 EST

    NYJetsMets1016 wrote: Between 2001 and 2005 the Patriots became the second team in NFL history to win 3 Super Bowls in four years (SuperBowl XXXVI,XXXVIII, and XXXIX) and the eighth to win consecutive more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 10:54:31 EST

    Sidebyeach wrote: The NFL is a joke. It tells a lot about the league when it allows teams to win because they cry about other teams. So Goodell tells Belichik to make his team look like they never bee more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 10:41:27 EST

    MarcusPessimisticus wrote: "The Patriots need to stop being the Colts and get back to what made them great." Hmmmmmm.....get back to what made them great? What's that? Cheating? Them days are over Mar more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 10:33:01 EST

    Really jgc? A "decent analysis" will show that spygate had NOTHING to do with those SB rings? Really? A "decent analysis" by whom? You???? Class of the NFL? Class of the NFL resides in Pittsburgh. (An more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 10:21:12 EST

    So, lets see. I'm trying to figure out how many Super Bowl rings Belicheat has won sisnce they said he wasn't allowed to cheat. Lemme see Oh yeah.............NONE!!!!!! Freakin cheater choke artists. more »

  • Posted 01/16/2011 10:50:32 EST

    So, wait................somebody help me with this. How many Super Bowl rings does Belicheat have since he got caught cheating? Lemme see.......add three, divide by two, multpily by four.... oh yeah.. more »

  • Comment on: 'Breaking point'

    Posted 08/07/2009 08:40:03 EDT

    nahaca wrote: It's so sad when a player doesn't know when they're career is done. Does anyone know what the REAL story is with Dice-K? Yeah...he called last night. Said he doesn't want want to play fo more »

  • Posted 08/07/2009 08:28:46 EDT

    LOL Wow, after all was said and done.....Roid Sox Nation is a fraud. No better than anyone else. Yup.....you get credit for 2004...Juice notwithstanding. You might even win 2 of the next 3....doesn't more »