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  • Forum Post: Kill Bill

    Posted 11/18/2009 07:14:03 EST bad........I guess i thought that the utter absurdity of 99% of the statements was obvious. I appologize for thinking people here were more intelligent. Next time I'll dumb it down more »

  • Forum Post: Kill Bill

    Posted 11/18/2009 06:28:23 EST

    Sarcastic humor is a form of dry, understated humor that is less obvious and much more clever as a result. Some people do not understand the real humor behind a sarcastic sense of humor. You may need more »

  • Posted 11/18/2009 06:02:52 EST

    we care about this why? more »

  • Forum Post: Kill Bill

    Posted 11/18/2009 05:32:31 EST

    Me again.........I almost forgot.....the refs and the NFL hate Belichick and there is a conspiracy to make the Patriots lose. KILL BILL! more »

  • Forum Post: Kill Bill

    Posted 11/18/2009 05:12:20 EST

    Can you believe it, another bad coaching decision. No Ty Warren, Banta Cain goes down, no excuse. What a load of crap......losing to an undefeated team on the road. And who are all these young guys an more »

  • Posted 09/04/2009 07:24:09 EDT

    Train kept a rollin..........first the Yardbirds massacred the song and then Aerosmith re-massacred it..............IT'S A JUMP BLUES SONG BY TINY BRADSHAW AND THIS IS HOW IT"S SUPPOSED TO SOUND. http more »

  • Posted 08/19/2009 06:43:29 EDT

  • Forum Post: Come on People

    Posted 08/18/2009 01:08:20 EDT

    In Response to Come on People:

    Use those imaginations and come up with some Avatars.      I really hate this dude 
    Posted by Kmax

    i'm alright more »

  • Posted 08/13/2009 09:05:59 EDT

    - lt's him.
    - lt is him.

    You guys are in so much trouble.
    more »

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