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  • Posted 02/14/2010 09:46:59 EST

    In Response to The last place team only picked first overall 3 of the last 10 drafts.: [QUOTE]With that said. We need Toronto to completely tank because I want Sequin or Hall. Not sure what Burke has more »

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    Posted 02/14/2010 06:09:46 EST

    With that said. We need Toronto to completely tank because I want Sequin or Hall. Not sure what Burke has been thinking. His trades are helping us by getting rid of all their scorers. Which allows tea more »

  • Forum Post: Carl Soderberg

    Posted 09/01/2009 11:45:18 EDT

    He has no interest in playing in the States. For what it's worth....I heard that from a friend of a friend of his Swedish coach. He's soft. But never say never. He might when he grows up. more »

  • Posted 08/18/2009 06:11:03 EDT

    I don't believe moving just Koby will leave enough cap space to sign Kessel (est 4 mil). Sturm is not waiving his NTC. Plus he is a good value. Whoever you move will have to be for prospects/picks. Sa more »

  • Posted 08/14/2009 08:22:16 EDT

    Here is where you can get all the stats of every Bruin drafted. Pack a lunch cause the next time you look up it'll be midnight. lol
    http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00004919.html more »

  • Posted 08/12/2009 09:38:37 EDT

    I've spent way too much time on hockeydb.com looking at past drafts. Looks like 90% of all nhlers come frome the first 2 rounds. Top 5 picks almost always pan out. Pete has done well especially compar more »

  • Posted 08/03/2009 11:52:58 EDT

    In the land of professional sports, there are no shortage of whiny athletes. Kessel has never complained and is still VERY VERY young. All he has done is play through a serious injury and health probl more »

  • Posted 08/03/2009 11:41:03 EDT

    I don't think the delay in signing Kessel is as much the money issue as it's the cap space. I predict (and I'm always right, just ask my exwife) 2 years 7.898738773937 million dollars. BTW, can we all more »

  • Posted 08/03/2009 05:13:31 EDT

    brunod, Koby and Ference sounds good but that (imho) would leave the D too thin. The problem with holding off to sign Kessel? I think the Bruins would like to have control over his rehab. Plus if we w more »

  • Posted 08/03/2009 05:04:14 EDT

    Just say no to all those stripes. PLEASE keep it black, white & gold. How bout just making the Red Sox jerseys Black & Gold? Just don't embarrass us like those gold third jerseys with the tranquilized more »

  • Forum Post: TRADE COMING?

    Posted 08/03/2009 03:08:59 EDT

    Someone has to go. GASP could it be Savard and his 5 mil? It is his last year. Trade him and Koby ($7.5mil relief) bring back a $4 Mil power forward + prospects and have room to sign Kessel. Sobotka f more »

  • Forum Post: TRADE COMING?

    Posted 08/03/2009 02:52:42 EDT

    Of course a trade is coming. And it will be big. If you sign Kessel, then 3 million needs to go. WITH NO NHL salary coming back. (prospect and/or pics) I hate to say this but it may be Bergeron. 4'5 m more »