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  • Posted 07/02/2015 12:09:34 EDT

    Can't believe he's still the manager. Guess they're going to keep him for the rest of the season, have no idea why. No doubt Leon wants him to stay, he gets to hit .150 and still catch 3 games out of more »

  • Posted 07/01/2015 12:38:01 EDT

    The argument that Buch needs Leon is absurd. Buch was heading for a Cy Young two years ago before he got hurt, and who was his catcher then? It wasn't Leon. Buch has been around a while, and has pitch more »

  • Posted 07/01/2015 12:35:00 EDT

    Funny how many people want to send down Swihart. The guy can hit, none of the other catchers hit. And Leon at .150 or thereabouts? Forget it. He's a good defensive catcher but .150 is like having the more »

  • Posted 06/29/2015 06:54:51 EDT

    They play Leon too much. Supposedly he's Buch's personal catcher, but Buch is a big boy now, and can pitch no matter who is catching. And if you must play him with Buch, then at least bench him and pl more »

  • Posted 06/29/2015 08:57:05 EDT

    HanRam has to be tried there.

    more »

  • Posted 06/29/2015 08:10:09 EDT

    We'll see if de Aza can keep it going, or we just got lucky with an uncharacteristic little hot streak here, which I suspect is the case. Beats me why JBJ and Castillo haven't been up here and playing more »

  • Posted 06/28/2015 06:38:18 EDT

    Have to be blown away by an offer to trade him, he's the only half-decent pitcher we have. We can't be getting rid of pretty good pitchers and signing (and extending!) average to bad pitchers like we' more »

  • Posted 06/24/2015 10:57:15 EDT

    What are they waiting for? Bring him up, we have only two decent pitchers, ERod and Buch.

    more »

  • Posted 06/24/2015 04:41:44 EDT

    Totally agree. It's incomprehensible. Play JBJ, felt the same way about Castillo. Put one of those guys out there full-time and sit or release de Aza, though he's better than Peguero was. They pick up more »

  • Posted 06/24/2015 01:10:05 EDT

    Well, that's two games he had a big hand in winning then, still don't understand why he didn't get a fair audition, a chance to acclimate, instead was jerked in and out of the lineup. Lot of rush to j more »

  • Posted 06/24/2015 11:46:16 EDT

    Other teams in the division are in the playoff picture, and we're busy arguing balls & strikes and blaming the umpires, lame.

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  • Posted 06/24/2015 11:41:24 EDT

    I don't get the Castillo thing. He played well last year on the MLB level, and this year did very well at AAA. Then he gets called up, makes a couple I guess mis-judgments on balls hit to the outfield more »

  • Posted 06/23/2015 12:34:39 EDT

    Finished "Cloud Atlas" a novel by David Mitchell and now reading Ian McEwan's novel "Saturday", flipping through the Yogi Book by Yogi Berra, "You can observe a lot by watching."


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  • Posted 06/19/2015 11:56:10 EDT

    Can't help but root for them, and a lot of calls for the heads of Farrell and Cherry are borne of frustration. I don't like Farrell as a manager, and wouldn't mind at all if he were let go. But given more »

  • Posted 06/18/2015 07:38:11 EDT

    Amazing, isn't it? De Aza in the lineup, and Castillo playing every 2nd or 3rd day thereby insuring he can't get into a rhythm.


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  • Posted 06/16/2015 07:19:14 EDT

    It's from New York, sour grapes. A team needs some luck to win it all, a hot bat (papi), errors and play from opposition (Iglesias and Fielder), and good pitching.

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  • Forum Post: Pedroia

    Posted 06/16/2015 04:15:37 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: In response to soxnewmex's comment: Well, some poster said that about possible reasons JBJ is staying in the minors, not S5 on second thought. Anyway, even if de Aza hits more »

  • Forum Post: Pedroia

    Posted 06/16/2015 03:58:17 EDT

    Well, some poster said that about possible reasons JBJ is staying in the minors, maybe not S5 on second thought.  Anyway, even if de Aza hits better than JBJ would, I'd still take the defensive trade- more »

  • Forum Post: Pedroia

    Posted 06/16/2015 02:52:29 EDT

    At least de Aza is playing, but why no Leon? (that is sarcasm). JBJ is tearing up AAA, though one poster thinks, perhaps correctly, that they're afraid to call him up in case he doesn't hit again upst more »

  • Forum Post: Pedroia

    Posted 06/16/2015 02:21:02 EDT

    Make him interim manager while he convalesces, he'll need something to do.

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  • Posted 06/16/2015 12:58:54 EDT

    He can't be fired soon enough! For one thing, why does he play Leon and de Aza so much? Why, when the Sox are in the middle of a 9th inning rally tonight, does he pinch hit for Leon (who shouldn't eve more »

  • Posted 06/14/2015 07:15:49 EDT

    Pretty depressing, those contracts for Porcello HanRam Sandoval in particular.

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  • Forum Post: Bums

    Posted 06/12/2015 12:56:46 EDT

    A lot of off-season trades and signings and pre-season extensions are looking pretty bad right now, and we've got to live with them. It's going to take a long time to turn this luxury cruise ship arou more »

  • Forum Post: Bums

    Posted 06/12/2015 03:34:03 EDT

    Lots of bums add up to a major bummer alright. Start with firing the inept & conventional manager, and then play the guys with upside. JBJ Castillo Betts Swihart Owens Barnes Johnson, these guys are o more »

  • Posted 06/11/2015 12:02:44 EDT

    Fire John Farrell and Chili Davis, we need a shake-up.

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