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  • Posted 05/25/2015 12:28:30 EDT

    Agree, play Castillo, wth.

  • Posted 05/24/2015 05:41:42 EDT

    Sandoval pinch hit left-handed . . . against a lefty! Hit the first pitch he saw to drive in a run. Is he considering hitting from the left side full time? Sure hope so.

  • Posted 05/24/2015 01:00:33 EDT

    In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment: In response to soxnewmex's comment: Play Swihart, wth. It's pretty much standard procedure to not have the catcher play a day game after a night game.    Oh yeah, o more »

  • Posted 05/24/2015 12:15:29 EDT

    Play Swihart, wth.

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  • Posted 05/22/2015 05:00:55 EDT

    That's good news Pump.

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  • Forum Post: Bogie

    Posted 05/21/2015 07:06:35 EDT

    In response to JoeBrady1's comment: In response to soxnewmex's comment: Highly touted, and seems like the highly touted kids elsewhere, in Chicago and Washington, live up to the billing somewhat. So f more »

  • Forum Post: Bogie

    Posted 05/21/2015 11:33:27 EDT

    Highly touted, and seems like the highly touted kids elsewhere, in Chicago and Washington, live up to the billing somewhat. So fans are disappointed, why not us?, but he is only 22, and may come on af more »

  • Posted 05/20/2015 02:41:18 EDT

    How would such an adjustment be made, Space? No pitcher to pitch to in the American League no doubt improves to some extent the numbers of a National League pitcher, but with so many variables, pinch- more »

  • Posted 05/20/2015 01:51:28 EDT

    Miley improving his numbers with two strong starts, liking RDLRs WHIP though.

    8 starts each

    Miley 29Ks 42.1 IP 5.10 ERA 1.44 WHIP

    Rubby 47Ks 53 IP 4.08 ERA 1.11 WHIP

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  • Posted 05/18/2015 06:52:44 EDT

    I expect to see us win the AL East, the Division Series, the ALCS, and the World Series in 2015. Owens, ERod, and Johnson will all help significantly as starting pitchers at different points of the se more »

  • Posted 05/18/2015 05:15:34 EDT

    Good riddance. Whomever we add to the 40, it's an upgrade.

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  • Posted 05/17/2015 04:07:46 EDT

    3rd Baseman 2015 through 35 games

    Headley    .228/.279/.382

    Sandoval  .277/.347/.431

    Valbuena  .205/.269/.447



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  • Posted 05/15/2015 04:12:52 EDT

    Great D, can't complain there, and Panda has been good down at 3rd base too, big upgrade. Now if we can only get him to bat lefthanded all the time. . .

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  • Forum Post: Good Job Miley

    Posted 05/14/2015 05:26:35 EDT

    What a forgiving bunch! Miley: 5.60 ERA 1.50 WHIP 22/16 K/BB .272 BA against. And if weren't for incredible luck those numbers would look even worse today: It was first and second or second and third more »

  • Posted 05/12/2015 11:08:10 EDT

    Agree pump, couldn't understand bringing in Miley either; it's pretty discouraging sending these medicrities out there, at least the other guys--Porcello Buchholz Kelly--are capable of being good. Cha more »

  • Posted 05/12/2015 10:51:44 EDT

    What a dumb signing. Most of us thought so too.

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  • Posted 05/12/2015 04:33:55 EDT

    Well, what the story on his shoulder? Is he or isn't he hurt? If hurt, and a 15 stint will fix him, go for it, we have JBJ and Castillo (who needs to get up here). If the shoulder is no longer botheri more »

  • Posted 05/12/2015 11:53:16 EDT

    In response to slomag's comment: In response to soxnewmex's comment: Betts, Swihart, Sandoval, and Barnes. Left-handed Sandoval.  Right-handed Sandoval looked like a bat-boy. Luckily, there are more R more »

  • Posted 05/12/2015 09:58:08 EDT

    Betts, Swihart, Sandoval, and Barnes.

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  • Posted 05/11/2015 06:50:18 EDT

    This much is certain: he's no Harper.

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  • Posted 05/11/2015 02:19:49 EDT

    Mariners I think are turning it around, they have a good club. I think we'll just get one there, and two in Oakland: 3-4.

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  • Posted 05/11/2015 01:20:48 EDT

    I think Webster is in AAA Reno. It's early, only 6 starts each, just putting the stats up there FWIW. I'm interested in following because I didn't want Miley. Didn't want him from listening to Diamond more »

  • Posted 05/11/2015 12:43:12 EDT

    Six starts each:


    RDLR 38 Ks 1.14 WHIP 4.38 ERA 37 IP


    MILEY 21 Ks 1.53 WHIP 6.91 ERA 28 IP





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  • Posted 05/10/2015 11:49:54 EDT

    Kansas City, last season and this, case closed. Speed and defense. Walks are a killer too. No walks, no errors, no runs.

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  • Posted 05/10/2015 07:21:14 EDT

    Get real, Mookie batted .290 something with 5 homers in 50 plus games at the end of last year, and now he's warming up and his numbers are moving back toward where they belong and toward what he is: a more »

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