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  • Posted 12/30/2009 11:51:52 EST

    The offense and defense both tiger. The offense is very balanced, running, and short pass plays with the occasional deep pass. The short passes are a bit more complex rather than the high percentage s more »

  • Posted 12/29/2009 11:06:28 EST

    gfkr2, I think you are being a bit too hard on Merriweather. Sure, he has had a couple games where his tackling was poor, and he made some bad angles on the ball carrier. However he has made major imp more »

  • Posted 12/24/2009 03:48:06 EST

    Moss has been a great example of a team player. The press has gone to extremes to paint him as TO, but he isn't. He hasn't complained. He has become a complete receiver, going across the middle, and b more »

  • Posted 12/15/2009 03:28:10 EST

    Mardak you clearly haven't been watching Moss in the past couple years. He has shown a willingness to do the hard things, and has become a complete receiver. He will go through the middle. He will tak more »

  • Posted 12/05/2009 10:23:00 EST

    How many times do we have to watch players keep their starting jobs when there are better options available? Hobbs got the start for ages, and now Light. Light has been a problem on the left for a few more »

  • Posted 11/17/2009 11:51:44 EST

    I have never been a huge Light fan, and I get scared when he faced an end like Freeney, as he could get beat badly. Vollmer did extremely well out there, and did it mostly on his own. I hope that when more »

  • Posted 11/14/2009 01:04:56 EST

    Are you serious? THIS qualifies as journalism? This is as clear an example of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" journalism. Had Obama gone, we would be reading how Obama abandoned this country t more »

  • Posted 11/14/2009 12:27:37 EST

    I hope TBC can play. He has been huge in the pass rush game, and I think we will need him. Someone on this team will have to step up and make Manning nervous. Koppen would also be nice to have out the more »

  • Posted 11/08/2009 10:19:31 EST

    I find it interesting that some people think that the games verses the Saints and Colts are already to be counted as losses. I don't think so. First off, both of these teams have had it relatively eas more »

  • Posted 11/05/2009 09:30:02 EST

    Wow, once again a player with an axe to grind comes after Brady and the Pats. Porter is still living in the past, just like the tuck rule Raider fans. Until he admits that the Pats simply outplayed hi more »

  • Posted 11/05/2009 05:30:47 EST

    Thanks, but I will feel free to hate him. He is one of the dirtiest players in the league. He isn't that good, and tries to make his name by hurting people. He doesn't deserve to have a job in the NFL more »

  • Posted 10/14/2009 09:05:24 EDT

    Kiner, it is obvious you don't understand a lot about football. We have an extremely young, extremely fast and tough defense. Why would you bring in an older Seau when you have that? The answer is sim more »

  • Posted 10/12/2009 09:35:47 EDT

    The taunting call was BS. The flag was thrown before the taunt even happened. Merriweather shouldn't have given the ref the excuse, but it was called just to justify a flag already thrown. The way the more »

  • Comment on: Ups%20and%20downs

    Posted 10/12/2009 09:21:45 EDT

    Have to agree with the commenters. You are way off in your downs. Merriweather was lacking and missing stuff all day, but I can't fault him for taunting, as the flag was thrown before he ever did anyt more »

  • Posted 10/11/2009 11:45:08 EDT

    The officiating was awful, and has been awful league wide this year. The flag was thrown before the taunt, and the ref needed to make something of his bad flag. Then the fumble later called forward pr more »

  • Posted 10/10/2009 09:13:18 EDT

    Didn't know that was Moss' first time breaking it down. The fact that he used his first time to note the play of the defense says a lot! Class act. more »

  • Posted 10/05/2009 11:22:00 EDT

    Do some research before you spout this stuff. He was kidding around with Brady and taking a shot at him. In fact, he texted Brady first and told Brady he would be taking a shot. He was also smiling ea more »

  • Posted 10/05/2009 09:04:12 EDT

    I admikt that I thought the D would be good, but I thought it would take longer for this unit to gel and show what it is capable of. Amazing how good this D is, and how much it reminds me of the "bend more »

  • Posted 10/05/2009 08:33:05 EDT

    The one play was pretty bogus, where there was incidental contact to the helmet. The other one where Suggs tried to take out Brady's knees was an intentional attempt to take out his knees. It was dirt more »

  • Posted 10/04/2009 09:53:23 EDT

    In Response to Re: Baltimore sports writers pick Pats to win!: In Response to Re: Baltimore sports writers pick Pats to win! : You mean getting to the AFC Championship, and following up with 34PPG doe more »

  • Posted 10/02/2009 08:06:02 EDT

    James 355. First, stop with the all caps. No need to yell. Second, we do have running backs to spell Taylor. They are Maroney, BLGE, Morris, and Faulk. Don't give me any nonsense about Maroney not bei more »

  • Posted 09/29/2009 10:05:22 EDT

    I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, the laws are pretty clear. The police can not enter your premises for any reason at all. They have to enter for a specific reason, and can not then go and look for more »

  • Comment on: 'Queries abound'

    Posted 09/26/2009 09:45:03 EDT

    Umm, do you people follow the Patriots at all? BB puts EVERYONE on the injury report. Now he is doing this even more so after the league fined the Jets for cheating last year. I would not be surprised more »

  • Posted 09/19/2009 05:09:53 EDT

    Not understanding where so many of you are coming from. Looked just like last year? Can't get off the field? Can't stop third down? Umm, did you watch the game on Monday night? What I saw was a very g more »

  • Posted 09/07/2009 11:42:01 EDT

    I am not sold on the fact that we will be a worse team without Seymour. In some respects, yes. However we have added a lot of defensive line talent, and we have freed up over 3 million in cap space, a more »