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  • Posted 09/13/2009 09:39:58 EDT

    Hey can any of you A holes read this or did the F'N Mods rain on Leons parade?

  • Posted 09/13/2009 09:36:41 EDT

    Good Morning Gang! Being that you people are notorious drunks and most likely have a "wicked hangova"I'll make this real simple. Brady's best days are in his rearview mirror.A whole year full of off t more »

  • Posted 09/11/2009 04:34:26 EDT

    M1020-How are ya little lady? more »

  • Posted 09/11/2009 04:33:20 EDT

    Will you please stop with the sappy good bye's to people you have never met!

    He doesn't miss you!
    more »

  • Posted 09/09/2009 06:58:41 EDT

    Coming from a fan who's team never tells anybody anything about a players injury staus...don't you think that it's a rather stupid question?
    more »

  • Posted 09/09/2009 06:56:44 EDT

    I understand that Welker is hurt now also??
    I can't believe that the little runt is actually on the roster!
    more »

  • Posted 09/09/2009 06:32:09 EDT

    One of you with the horrible accents just called Spygate a blemish? Ahahahahahahaha-That's a scar that will never go away.Man oh man are you people brainwashed or what?!Can you imagine the weeping and more »

  • Posted 09/09/2009 06:26:01 EDT

    Welker is that undersized reciever that you guys have.He's hurt too?
    more »

  • Posted 09/09/2009 06:23:02 EDT

    Well well HI gang! What a great and productive day for me...I hope you can say the same for yourselves! OK Where we? ah yes the preseason prediction of the pats going 8 and 8.I see our friend from ove more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 08:26:41 EDT

    Please don't get me started on Brady-It's too late to get into all of off the field distractions this past year.You know with the new wife dragging him around the world by his nose,the shooting incide more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 08:20:20 EDT

    Hey Pedroverrated-You must be new in here-I've been saying that for years.I must retract one statement though.I have always and will always hate the loudmouth ,what's his name with the ketchup on his more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 08:08:07 EDT

    You Claudius-Yes I did take the 47 # from you.Credit given but Simmonds???I don't know what you are talking about. 47 times last year!!!!Yipes! Do the pats have a backup QB?If so I suggest that you go more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 07:51:42 EDT

    I for one don't condone cheating in sports where you seem to relish in it.Yeah Arod got caught and it makes me sick.He's clean now and the only thing I have to worry about with him is Kate Hudson!.She more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 07:32:47 EDT

    How a typical of a cheats fan to not answer the question of whether or not they condone cheating in sports. First Spygate and then Manny and Poppy.Can any of your teams win the old fashioned way by ea more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 07:09:37 EDT

    So Gibba-You condone cheating in sports?Make sure to answer the question. In my humble opinion I thought BB should have been thrown out of the league for his as you say illegal taping,I call it cheati more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 07:01:46 EDT

    Florio should get the Pulitzer prize for his insight .If you don't like what somebody is writing then why read it!? Seymour doesn't play for the pats anymore(snicker snicker)so why do you keep harping more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 06:58:12 EDT

    Here's a little tid bit from your old pal Leon. The pats Oline gave up more sacks then any other team in the league last year!I believe the # was 47.Brady can't take getting hit once let alone 47 time more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 06:47:40 EDT

    49 patriots-You're from New York and you're a pats fan?Can you say Benedict Arnold?? I'm guessing that you must have jumped on that bandwagon just a few years ago like so many others in here...you kno more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 05:12:49 EDT

    One guy was outed with a blood test and that was Arod-Two of your guys Manny and Poppy were outed with blood tests. Therefore forever nullifying the 04 and 07 seasons. The New York is accent is music more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 05:03:08 EDT

    Killa-The problem is when I say anything against the pats or sawx guys like M1020 rat me out to the Homer Mods and I get ousted.But of course I figured out a way to get back in no matter what the Mods more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 04:47:51 EDT

    Hey Pmike-Tha pats haven't won anything in quite a few years now.Just the facts! You should be having that conversation about Brady right now!He's old and is becoming very fragile.One hit to the knee more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 04:31:02 EDT

    Hey GP-Same questions for you.First-How are YA!? Secondly-How many sports teams logos do you have on your cars? LOL at all of you Pink hatters that never even knew that NE had a football team until a more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 04:22:57 EDT

    8 and 8 at best-When Brady goes down(and it's only a matter of time)that prediction will obviously have to change.That knee and now the shoulder???He's getting a little old and a little fragile. more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 04:20:40 EDT

    Thanks Steve-Now I know where I should go to get my "avatar"! That South Park episode was hilarious!The whole disgusting and embarrassing episode that BB got caught up in isn't funny but that South Pa more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 04:08:53 EDT

    Hey Steve-Is that the Family Guy episode where they really bust BB's chops for the whole "Spygate" fiasco or was that on SouthPark?

    Either way it's a must watch for any NE fan!

    more »

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