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  • Posted 04/08/2014 02:18:30 EDT

    Because QB is too critical a position to replace? Because the gulf in talent between Brady and the next best option is enormous? Because it's all the RBs have similar talent and easier to play the hot more »

  • Posted 02/03/2014 04:41:36 EST

    I prefer "Bend but don't break" to "Bend and break"

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  • Posted 02/02/2014 08:39:18 EST

    pick play on sherman! wow!

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  • Posted 02/02/2014 08:32:14 EST


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  • Posted 01/22/2014 12:21:29 EST

    There has been lots of talk about BB's unprovoked comments on the Welker hit on Talib. Mostly everyone has been really surprised by the comments. It seemed to everyone that it was really unusual for B more »

  • Posted 01/13/2014 06:05:20 EST

    Reminds me of LT whining about Ellis Hobbs doing Shawn Merriman's "Lights Out" dance on the field after we got that crazy comeback win in the playoffs. I laughed at LT then and I laugh at anyone who t more »

  • Forum Post: How About Mankins!

    Posted 01/13/2014 05:59:23 EST

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment: I think Mankins is a better pass blocker than people give him credit for.  Yes, like any O lineman, he gets beat occasionally, but I think 98% of the time he more »

  • Forum Post: How About Mankins!

    Posted 01/13/2014 09:03:41 EST

    Lets not get overboard here. I like Mankins. I think he's overpaid since I don't think he's the best guard in the league, which is how he's paid (but in a sense that's a quibble since I'd rather we ha more »

  • Posted 12/13/2013 08:53:13 EST

    Dobson is solid for a 2nd rounder. Boyce is looking good for a 4th rounder. Thompkins looks like a steal for a UDFA. Edelman looks like the best FA pickup in the league at $1m. Amendola looks like a b more »

  • Posted 12/09/2013 06:49:28 EST

    Gronk is done till 2015

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  • Posted 12/08/2013 07:32:36 EST

    If it's torn ACL Gronk's pretty much done till the 2015 season. They'll make some noise about him being back by mid-season next year but he'll likely only do blocking stuff since he won't be able to r more »

  • Forum Post: RAS-I is BYE BYE!

    Posted 08/28/2013 06:36:16 EDT

    In response to murghkhor's comment: Ras-I WAS a disaster pick. He was the 33rd pick. This was the first time the 2nd/3rd rounds were being held on the 2nd day. There was tremendous buzz around the 33r more »

  • Forum Post: RAS-I is BYE BYE!

    Posted 08/13/2013 06:16:02 EDT

    Ras-I WAS a disaster pick. He was the 33rd pick. This was the first time the 2nd/3rd rounds were being held on the 2nd day. There was tremendous buzz around the 33rd pick and how it would generate a l more »

  • Posted 07/17/2013 11:24:42 EDT

    I know a couple of Pats players are headed to jail (Hernandez and Dennard) but wasn't aware that Tsarnaev one of them. 

    Still wondering what this post is doing on this forum. 

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  • Forum Post: Is Aaron

    Posted 07/16/2013 12:44:11 EDT

    Is Aaron a Patriots player? No. Is Aaron a NFL player?  No. Please take this thread to the non-football related Celebrity News and Gossip boards. You can find them here. more »

  • Posted 07/12/2013 04:28:55 EDT


    My advice:

    1. Stop taking those pills

    2. Get yourself admitted

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  • Forum Post: BB the GM poll.

    Posted 07/05/2013 04:34:47 EDT

    Easy. 1. Clearly the best GM in the game.    Pats record over last decade is the best in the game. Pats have been legitimate Super Bowl contenders every year for last 12 years. What more could you ask more »

  • Posted 06/21/2013 08:29:25 EDT

    Maybe it's time for Boston Globe to part ways with Adam Kaufman

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  • Posted 06/03/2013 08:03:54 EDT


    "Ras-I Dowling could push Dennard for a starting role at corner"


    This author is an idiot. 

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  • Posted 05/13/2013 11:44:07 EDT

    He said Pitt, not Pat. 

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  • Posted 04/16/2013 04:53:51 EDT

    Terrell Owens is still looking for work

    And I am sure we can always count on Deion Branch

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  • Posted 04/16/2013 04:51:22 EDT

    Wrong forum?

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  • Posted 04/15/2013 09:58:56 EDT

    In response to mia76's comment:

    I really like this guy - not a star, but had a few really impressive catches. 

    Did you mean

    "he had a few impressive catches?"


    "he had a few catches?"

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  • Forum Post: Daniel Fells

    Posted 03/27/2013 02:50:25 EDT

    5 TEs on roster possible? With Gronk/Hern playing a hybrid-receiver role and Ballard the blocker every time and Hooman and Fells as depth since we always field 2-3 TE on the field. Certainly takes car more »

  • Forum Post: Cap help...

    Posted 03/26/2013 10:28:51 EDT

    How much more cap space will we get if can get a favourable decision on Fanene?

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