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  • Posted 05/28/2010 03:24:39 EDT

    DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Miami Dolphins defensive end Phillip Merling has been arrested on a charge of aggravated battery against a pregnant woman. The 6-foot-5, 305-pound Merling was arrested Wednesday in more »

  • Posted 05/27/2010 12:59:06 EDT

    Out of all our draft picks in this years draft who will have the best rookie season? Spikes? The first round pick? One of out new tight ends? WHat doy ou guys think? more »

  • Posted 05/11/2010 04:49:18 EDT

    Ok guys so what are the thoughts on Pacman Jones? Will he finally grow up and turn into the CB he was supposed to be when he was drafted number 6 overall? Or will he make them wish they never signed h more »

  • Posted 04/23/2010 07:19:10 EDT

    And so it starts, we just traded down in the 2nd round.....why! There are good player on the board just make a pick for Christ sake. Im sure it will work out but it is so frustrating to sit here and w more »

  • Posted 04/23/2010 06:05:50 EDT

    I do not understand why some of the posters on this forum continue to say we need to draft a TE. Drafting a pass catching TE early is a dumb move for this team, we do not use TEs in the passing game a more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 06:27:04 EDT

    Stomper I see what you are saying but the laws in FL might not the same as in GA. And you keep saying underage like she was 16 or something she was 20 so she was of age to have sex with who ever she w more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 06:08:21 EDT

    kansas he was not charged because the evidence was not enough to convict and the victim didnt want to go through it she couldnt geta  conviction. And I dont think his name had anything to do with it, more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 06:01:08 EDT

    Yea we should draft safety after safety and then sign a veteran to hinder their progress....i dont think so. Merriweather is past the time in his career where he needs someone to teach him the ropes, more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 05:29:23 EDT

    BradyMossFan bringing up the allegation from last off season is stupid cause that girl was clearly insane, she told friend she wanted to have his babies and that is a FACT. Her own friend went to the more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 05:24:20 EDT

    Yea except that Mike Vick was charged and found guilty of dog fighting where as Big Ben was not even charged so its not the same thing at all. All any of us are doing is speculating no one can prove h more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 05:20:15 EDT

    Did you see the way some people jumped from round 4 to round 1 in this re do? Some great talent slipped out of that first round as it always does.

    more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 05:18:13 EDT

    Wont happen, if they trade him they are stupid. The guy was not found guilty, he is not going to jail so suspend him for a few games but if they trade him the are dumber then i thought, the guy is a w more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:51:02 EDT

    Agreed but fix his contract more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:49:35 EDT

    Yea at the very least Tcal is right take his eyes! lol but all joking aside the guy was not charged and therefore shouldnt be banned, suspended yes but banned no. more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:44:11 EDT

    Maybe Tex but the guy gets paid to be a WR so he needs a new contract if he is going to just rest on his kick returning alone. more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:42:44 EDT

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.... more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:41:59 EDT

    "ugh...why do you have to compare him to other mal-contents...why cant brandon marshall stand on his ground without you comparing his spot to someone else? i know you hope he fails...thats fine but sh more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:32:17 EDT

    yea but Ronk he is not being paid to just be a kick returner he is getting top ten over all pick type of money so he needs to play WR as well and he cant. more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 04:29:57 EDT

    Yea but E if he was not charged then they cant prove he is guilty of a crime which would make him innocent until proven guilty. I mean unless this is not American anymore in which go ahead and ban him more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 03:35:46 EDT

    Yea Jimmy just like Mike Irvan got his act together right? Marshal got his second chance unless you cant count (I dont mean that to insult you) I mean the guy has been caught doing bad stuff on more t more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 03:33:20 EDT

    I am bummed cause as long as he was on the Dolphins we could count on him *sucking and making big mistakes and now he is gone dag I really liked watching him help us win. more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 03:32:10 EDT

    So Mike what you are saying is even though he was not charged and was deemed innocent by the state in which this happened and he has NEVER been convicted of a crime he should be banned from the NFL? I more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 03:27:28 EDT

    Jimmy you can play dumb all you want but even you at some point have to realize that at some point Marshall will do something off the field, it might not be a huge deal but you cant count it out he ha more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 03:25:21 EDT

    See this is why I dont hate the Phins as much as the Jets, here we have two Phins fans who are not being total jerks about their hopes for this year where as a Jets fan cant say 5 words with out being more »

  • Posted 04/16/2010 03:20:32 EDT

    Yea you are so right what you just said totally amounts to something being gay. could you be more of an jerk? I only commented because everyone wants to talk about the draft and i didnt think anyone w more »

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