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  • Posted 11/06/2011 09:09:45 EST

    rob ryan gave the league the defense against brady this year.

  • Posted 11/01/2011 06:45:59 EDT

    how big a stake does fidelity have in mf global?

  • Posted 10/22/2011 06:38:55 EDT

    since curt had a 2 year contract with the sox, i assume the A's are only picking up a fraction of next year's contract...
    beane has a pitching coach for chump change.

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    Posted 10/20/2011 12:21:40 EDT

    finn, ramiriz wants out of florida, starts collecting $15 next year and is signed through 2015...and the marlins move into a new stadium. why not?

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    Posted 10/19/2011 11:44:49 EDT

    how about crawford to the marlins for hanley ramirez since henry threw carl under the bus..(premeditation?)

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    Posted 10/19/2011 08:36:14 EDT

    if the sox dump lackey they will likely pay the receiving team most of his why not make an example of him and keep him on the roster and relegate him to inferior atatus and see if he respo more »

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    Posted 10/19/2011 07:24:12 EDT

    make lackey next year's wakefield: mop up/6th starter..nothing like a little motivation. more »

  • Posted 10/15/2011 10:49:07 EDT

    according to forbes magazine the players cost to win ratio for the TB rays is 137 (good) while the sox ratio is 57 (not so good)...and john being a numbers guy is ,shall we say,out of sorts. more »

  • Posted 10/15/2011 07:07:02 EDT

    how long before henry et al put the team on the market? more »

  • Posted 12/31/2009 09:55:31 EST

    the new red sox mission is to keep joe mauer out of the yanqui lineup come 2011. if mauer is injured in his showcase year (2010), then it's pretty much up in the air; elsewise joe will get a-rod money more »

  • Posted 12/31/2009 10:55:39 EST

    since hawaii has an universal health care system, can we
    expect an in depth report upon his return to the airwaves? more »

  • Posted 12/27/2009 07:29:30 EST

    anyone watch that debacle in indy? even the announcers had to mask their disbelief...a blatent throwing of the game by indy to the jets...the nfl needs to investigate this one a show trial to pla more »

  • Posted 12/27/2009 06:29:48 EST

    bill is ikon to the kraft family..for did bill attend phillips andover academy...the premier social climbing
    school in new pauls, exeter, st marks, deerfield
    pale in comparison more »

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    Posted 12/27/2009 05:52:42 EST

    at the division 3 level...b-ball is really about geometry. more »

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    Posted 12/27/2009 05:15:28 EST

    remember going to fenway in '63 for a ny titan/jets-pats game...and unimpressed...had all the allure of a pop warner game.but that was the year of y.a. tittle to del shofner... new englanders were sti more »

  • Posted 12/27/2009 04:24:44 EST

    the thread running through here is pull yourselves up by the boot straps, new england brand puritan calvinistic double predestination...when the reality in 'murica is to self promote, rally around lik more »

  • Posted 12/27/2009 06:20:44 EST

    in michael lewis's "blind side" michael oher's adopted parents found a solution to the gpa problem. it seems that brigham young university has a wonderful program of correspondence courses...a word of more »

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    Posted 12/24/2009 11:57:34 EST

    boras is the best baseball agent in baseball...every player should have a formidible former player as an agent...if you side with the eli/sox/henry management team..this is heresy; if you had objectiv more »

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    Posted 12/24/2009 05:50:51 EST

    i read somewhere that the sox total offensive production
    last year in the last 3 innings was the worst in 35 years;
    where as the yanquis were outstanding in that area. more »

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    Posted 12/24/2009 05:07:51 EST

    i say that the players should get every penny they can scrounge out the clubs...if henry & company have a operational budget of ~$170 know they're going to make a boatload more than that...t more »

  • Posted 12/23/2009 09:38:22 EST

    had a great grandfather step off the boat and go directly
    to malden in the 1800s..cousins had preceeded him and they
    had a job waiting for when he arrived. more »

  • Posted 12/22/2009 06:21:12 EST

    it was much simpler for the Yanquis back in 1950s when they could use the KC A's as a farm team..KC shipped bobby shantz, art ditmar, clete boyer, ralph terry, hector lopez and roger maris to NY from more »

  • Posted 12/21/2009 11:31:19 EST

    does someone like mike barnicle remember when he had an appearance in the robert redford movie, "the candidate" in the 70s, now when his wife is a bank america execitive and he's on msnbc promoting jo more »

  • Posted 12/21/2009 10:55:46 EST

    to be a reporter today is to be wined and it beat, sports or the new one, celebrity..we all know editorial writers have been bought for generations and op-ed pieces have been lobbyist havens more »

  • Posted 12/21/2009 10:41:18 EST

    give it up to the lads tonite...they exceeded expectations
    the lads have to live with the jacob
    rosters more »

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