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  • Forum Post: Pats Colts Gamplan

    Posted 01/11/2015 11:08:54 EST

    In response to Cyberknot's comment: In response to CatfishHunter's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Footballexpert45's comment: [QUOTE] Re activate Jonas Gray! We need Seal Team 6 to break him out of G more »

  • Posted 01/11/2015 11:04:59 EST

    I like Phil Simms and Nantz_ Simms seems to like the Pats

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  • Forum Post: Belicheat

    Posted 01/09/2015 01:26:37 EST

    He's living proof that age does not make everyone wiser!!

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  • Posted 01/09/2015 01:19:01 EST

    In response to PatsEng's comment: Good post. To me the reason we win or the reason we lose comes to this simply: We win if: The OL can give Brady 3s and room to step into passes. Simply put Balt can't more »

  • Posted 01/09/2015 01:11:57 EST

    In response to joepatsfan111111's comment:   So here we are another New Year and another first round bye for the Patriots. This t more »

  • Posted 01/07/2015 11:34:46 EST

    I dont agreee that we can win this game with our defense EVEN IF OUR OLINE plays poorly. The ravens feed off turnovers. If you look at their wins Im sure you'll see when  the Ravens Dline maul the oth more »

  • Forum Post: Lets guess?

    Posted 01/06/2015 04:25:57 EST

    How many points do you think the Pats neeed to beat the Ravens. To put it another way how many points can the defense allow for the Pats to be victorious?

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  • Posted 01/06/2015 04:24:19 EST

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:    It's a fight between Solder and Suggs: whomever wins that matchup wins the game.  Really one guy? Ngata-Dumervil-Williams? It seems the front end of the defense more »

  • Posted 01/05/2015 11:05:20 EST

    I'd like to hear other Ptas fans " Keys to the game" Mine are as stated above give Brady time and on defense keep Flacco and Forsett from the edges-keep them bottled up

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  • Posted 01/05/2015 11:03:26 EST

    No but I see an extra tackle on the line

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  • Posted 01/05/2015 10:52:26 EST

    Pats 31-13!

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  • Posted 01/05/2015 10:51:23 EST

    Its real simple and Both Teams know it-whoever wins the batle between the Pats Offensive Line and Ravens Defensive Line wins this game. The Pats are a better team and are playing at home. The ONLY way more »

  • Posted 12/23/2014 06:57:27 EST

    I'm not condoning killing anyone let alone policemen and woman. But I find it interesting that when "one of theirs" gets killed or beat up they get all worked up. But it's okay for them to Kill and be more »

  • Posted 12/23/2014 06:38:32 EST

    Dalton on the road at NE? he loses. Big game Dalton he aint! Baltimore is in if SD loses to KC( very well could happen) and Ravens beat Cleveland whos starting Connor Shaw at QB(Ravens win easily)! Ra more »

  • Posted 12/12/2014 09:53:57 EST

    In response to HessHessLeonHess' comment: For the pats to lose in the first round of the playoffs again and an unblocked blitzing line backer pulls a Mo Lewis on Brady.  I know it sounds horrible but more »

  • Posted 12/12/2014 09:50:26 EST

    In response to HessHessLeonHess' comment: I'll give you guys credit while questioning you at the same time. You seem to back Brady as your guy BUT the guy hasn't won anything in 12 years now.  When do more »

  • Forum Post: Browner Vindicated

    Posted 12/12/2014 09:43:02 EST

    Actually the Referee Committee said it was the correct call on the field, just not a finable infraction. I for one will stop watching football if these type of legal hits (IMO) are going to be called more »

  • Posted 12/12/2014 09:37:35 EST

    27-13 Pats. They still remember the 2nd half beatdown in Miami

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  • Posted 11/13/2014 05:00:34 EST

    In response to TexasPat's comment:      If y'all want a detailed, definitive answer to this never ending controversy, here it is: more »

  • Posted 11/13/2014 03:56:47 EST

    Basically the Playoffs start with this game for both teams-loser at 5 losses and must play @ Patriots- Fins are tough down there and theres n smack talk from McKelvin. So Ill take the Bills with the P more »

  • Posted 10/28/2014 04:30:43 EDT

    He'll be fine- a couple of drops past two games-just trying to do too much-teams have been taking him out of the game the last two games since he started the season on fire-now that Gronk is back and more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 03:24:59 EDT

    If the Pats do these TWO things they win handily--#1 Give Brady time-stop the pass rush of the Jets powerful front seven and if they cant get to Brady the Dbacks for the Jets are bad  #2 Stop the Jets more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 03:18:54 EDT

    In response to TexasPat's comment:      Great early season win over the Buffalo Bills was marred by the loss of Jerod Mayo and Stevan Ridley for the season, with knee injuries. Collectively, we're all more »

  • Posted 10/07/2014 05:42:15 EDT

    The officiating was very bad. Not only did it seem the refs were doing everything to keep the game close but they were horible on many calls. And very disorganized as a unit. F Grade for sure? The Dev more »

  • Posted 10/06/2014 07:26:17 EDT

    Props to the Pats for a good win. But Im not completely sold on this team being a playoff team just yet. The bengals looked very flat to start the game. It looked like they were still on their bye. No more »

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