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FEMALE, Sterling, Massachusetts

About Me: I am a recently retired medical laboratory scientist. My specialty is hematology and hemostasis. I previously managed a small microbiology lab, as well as a hematology lab near Boston and throughout the Worcester County area. Infectious disease, especially viral disease, is one of my biggest interests partly because my grandmother, who lived through the 1918 Flu pandemic, told me riveting stories about those horrific days. I am a previous Instructor in Hematology at Anna Maria College. I was a key player in alerting physicians and caregivers to the emerging presence of tickborne illness in the Concord, Massachusetts area. My colleagues and I discovered Babesiosis and Anaplasma in the blood samples of patients with unexplained illness. I am the mother of two daughters , who both work in healthcare, and the grandmother of two. I continue to advocate for medical science to concentrate on the causes of disease, especially cancers, including breast cancer which I believe is caused by a sexually transmitted virus. Billions have been spent on cures, filling the pockets of drug companies.. I believe that if an equivalent amount had been spent on THE CAUSE we may be able to prevent it in the first place. PREVENTION IS THE KEY.

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