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Burlington, MA

About Me: The Mama Bear Effect is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower good people to become Mama & Papa Bears for children and protect them from sexual abuse. Multiple studies have confirmed that 1:4 girls and 1:6 boys have been sexually abused before their 18th birthday. 90% of abuse is never being reported. The majority of abusers are known to their victims - most often a person the family trusts and loves. A large percentage of abusers are related to their victims. Child Sexual Abuse has been coined as a "silent epidemic" Too many are afraid to learn about it. Too in denial to accept the realities. Too ignorant to even know how great the risk is. Not enough people are talking about it. Not enough people are educating & protecting their children. And victims often feel isolated, ashamed, afraid to disclose their abuse. These children need protection. These victims need a voice. We are here to say that we are strong enough to face this issue. We are not afraid to talk about it. And we will do what it takes to protect children.

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