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  • Posted 10/21/2014 02:43:55 EDT

    he pulled a schwartz and his boyz immediately sold him out starting with king jabro in D-thom."yep peyton came to me on WEdnesday during practice and had the rec on his mind.. said if i complete it th more »

  • Posted 10/21/2014 02:29:50 EDT

    In response to stan17's comment: Peyton fans always try and make it about #'s.  Bottom line it's about wins & rings. ha! they hate that.. only context in american life where wins and losses dont b mat more »

  • Posted 10/20/2014 08:49:26 EDT

    things are about to get really chilli as davis has won out in thecoaching search. couldnt believe they were seriously considering a gedman. i have a feelin that a papi will b happy. peeps like to c an more »

  • Posted 10/19/2014 10:56:10 EDT

    classic parcells on michael kay show the other day as he was touting his new book. as a veiled shot at bb, said at some point everyman must decide between loyalty and ambition. he emphasized that he h more »

  • Forum Post: WINSTON = BRADY?

    Posted 10/19/2014 12:03:03 EDT

    kid may have a ten cent mind off the field, but on it he's a classic billion dollar genius! whoever gets him will have a franchise-changing guy. wont shock me if a houston picks him up by tradin up. l more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 10:58:06 EDT

    want me some corey robinson, that b great pedigreeee! perfect patriot.. up there with matthew slater. Fl state's D reminds me of ours... winston =TB! saving them ova and ova. minus him, they arent eve more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 10:16:34 EDT

    irish r good and r usually my team but winston is just too much.. wil pull it off in the last minute.. they win by 2! jets-pats like part 2 Imagyd there's no Boston, its really hard to do..imagyd all more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 10:13:35 EDT

    methinks we will have to hold the mayo going forward.. take whatever he can give u going forward as finding $ on the ground. much easier for a Cruz to return than mayo esp for his pats' duties. with t more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 09:56:03 EDT

    lesson learned today.. dont make saban mad, u wouldnt like him when he's angry! 59-0.. wow! no1 expected a blowout! Imagyd there's no Boston, its really hard to do..imagyd all the people, living for d more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 08:47:28 EDT he's the nfl jabro of the moment. if u tell me some1 pulled a hernandez, he would more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 02:58:25 EDT

    In response to 42AND46's comment: In response to ImagydSportsBos' comment: FIRST TEAM EVER to control ball for 40+ minutes, rush for 200+ yards, have ZERO turnovers and STILL lose.. methinks that says more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 02:55:12 EDT

    trends older, very uncool, long.. now its playoffs are totally AWOL to most. seriously i ran into a game by accident at the beginning on something called FOX sports 1.. an upstart network.. that shoul more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 02:03:27 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: Wow!       And to think the Lakers gave up 4 draft picks for Nash. hey, he and the kob more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 02:02:07 EDT

    In response to rameakap's comment: In response to mellymel3's comment: In response to billge's comment: Yeah Mel , well you know I'm ripped.  Almost every time I move, I rip something. Same here....ev more »

  • Forum Post: DEVEY = MANKINS?

    Posted 10/18/2014 01:53:19 EDT

    talkin in terms of bring the NASTY! may have picked up a penalty but trust me in that there locker room he just got him some major pops from both  the playas and coaching staff. got his money's wortth more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 01:45:36 EDT

    FIRST TEAM EVER to control ball for 40+ minutes, rush for 200+ yards, have ZERO turnovers and STILL lose.. methinks that says a lot more about pats' resilience than jets' ineptitude! so bad they overs more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 01:40:52 EDT

    just re-visited tb's visit.. he hugs every1 EXCEPT marshall faulk.. gee, thought pats had no clue what is going on all around them.. methinks not, they hear the loudest noise! sure they know about ebo more »

  • Posted 10/17/2014 04:20:08 EDT

    like da commy, i to happen to b a brotha and not from this country originally. racial or pigment politics r more weird here than anywhere else on this planet of ours. the nba now wont let caucasians p more »

  • Posted 10/17/2014 02:32:10 EDT

    the gawds must have been smiling on us.. not only do they make folk kick to JOnes as he gets redemption, but after the game there's TB sitting on nfl network's postgame show right next to a beaming Wi more »

  • Posted 10/17/2014 01:59:20 EDT

    he finally showed up.. big TD catch that welker could not make.. exactly the kinda catch he muffed twice in the SB and against the raves. not good at the acrobatic and showed y bb wanted him.. in spec more »

  • Posted 10/17/2014 01:03:44 EDT

    In response to TheRealBustchise's comment: Where are the cries of Chris Jones going at Geno's knees?  I'm shocked patsie fans are not concerned. i actually AGREE! that hit had a lot of bernard pollard more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 11:38:39 EDT

    brady is the genuine nice guy deal.. just went out of his way to say thank you to the earpiece guy while way off camera   Imagyd there's no Boston, its really hard to do..imagyd all the people, living more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 11:37:14 EDT

    best thursday night game ever.. marshall faulk must b ticked! surrounded by willie and brady shortly showing off their rings and champiomship muster he never had Imagyd there's no Boston, its really h more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 11:34:21 EDT

    wow! exactly as colin cowherd called it! best called game since the parcells days by Rexy! he should b proud, give him more non-high school weapons and they b winning Imagyd there's no Boston, its rea more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 11:29:42 EDT

    kept saying all week, this is the kind of game the pats lose! said no shockers b/the teams and this is the perfect game for rexy.. said it would come down to the last play. wouldnt bet against the pat more »

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