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About Me: Win or lose the Red Sox team has had a grip on me since childhood. I think the first words out of my mouth were; PLAY BALL!

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  • Comment on: What%20happens%20now%20for%20the%20Red%20Sox%3F

    Posted 09/04/2010 09:52:13 EDT

    Let's end this season on a high note. 90 wins would absolutely put this team in the record books as one of the most adverse and dirt dogged teams of all time, at least in my mind.

    Go Red Sox!!

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    Posted 07/10/2010 09:46:59 EDT

    It gets old hearing the Jacoby bashing comments. Do any of you really know all of the circumstances surrounding his injury? Were any of you involved in conversations between Boras, Jacoby, the medical more »

  • Comment on: 'Seething Ortiz boils over'

    Posted 05/21/2010 08:39:54 EDT

    Whaaaa! David, if you can't take the heat.. Leave the Fenway Kitchen. When you start the way that you did then expect the negative press and fan comments. Boston supports winners and there is no cryin more »