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  • Comment on: Statement%20from%20the%20Westmorelands

    Posted 04/09/2010 12:49:04 EDT

    It's easy to see how Ryan got to be not only a top prospect but a first class human being. We ARE rooting for you Ryan!

  • Comment on: 'Concern evident for Sox’

    Posted 03/16/2010 11:13:13 EDT

    We all wish you the best of good fortune today Ryan! You are in our prayers!

  • Comment on: 'Brain surgery for OF'

    Posted 03/14/2010 01:25:44 EDT

    Ryan, many of us have seen your interviews, including the one you did on youtube for that little girl. We see your talent as one of the Redsox's top 2 or 3 prospects. You are a very talented young man more »

  • Comment on: 'Epstein pleased with Red Sox roster'

    Posted 07/18/2009 12:12:30 EDT

    What strikes me as largely unnoticed is that Toronto must be in a world of hurt financially going forward ( I would guess but not know ). They have virtually no chance to win even a wild card slot thi more »

  • Comment on: 'Ichiro has deep impact as Mariners edge Red Sox'

    Posted 05/16/2009 01:12:26 EDT

    Is it me or did it seem like he wasn't getting strikes called in the at bat with Ichiro, forcing him to pretty much lay it down the middle to him to get a strike called. I rewound both at bats and in more »

  • Comment on: 'They showed some clout'

    Posted 04/25/2009 08:41:18 EDT

    Getting back to baseball, was that an epic way to start this rivalry or what? It looked like 4 bloop hits for New York were going to win it for the Stankees and then Bay comes up and Bernie Carbos the more »

  • Comment on: 'They showed some clout'

    Posted 04/25/2009 08:33:20 EDT

    I don't get it why people pick on the writers so much. People like Maz and Benjamin are fine. I also don't see the point of rubbing the financial position of the Globe in these people's faces. It's no more »