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About Me: (I have spent 17 years in the newspaper business. 14 years as a supervisor in the ad dept of the Detroit News and 3 Years with the Colorado Springs Gazzette(partly as ad director) I have an MBA from the U of Michigan. I am French Canadian and often post words in the News in French and notify the moderator of the meaning. I realize that hundreds of thousand people from NE speak French. I politely disagree when you pulled a thread of mine that basically said: please all is ok now.Surely, to be safe I reported what I said to the moderator and the thread was taken down.It is amazing that in the most educated area in America that this thread would be considered as offensive.I wish that my B'day does not appear on my profile.

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  • Comment on: Five%20votes%20for%20the%20Hall%20of%20Fame%20

    Posted 12/24/2010 05:03:32 EST

    Peter: Lots of arguments for and against your selections. You also named Dave Parker. If he gets in the HOF, it should be in a newlly created wing "those who used cocaine, but were still great".

  • Comment on: On%2010-10-10%2C%20let%26%2339%3Bs%20look%20at%20some%20No.%2010s

    Posted 10/10/2010 03:53:03 EDT

    You cannot leave out Pete Runnels.

  • Comment on: Red%20Sox-Rangers%20game%20updates

    Posted 07/18/2010 03:40:50 EDT

    Since when is losing 2 or 3 out of four,what representive genius wrote that headline over Jon's pic avoids a sweep? What headiine is next?

  • Comment on: Red%20Sox%20reflect%20on%20Steinbrenner

    Posted 07/13/2010 03:40:02 EDT

    Peter: Mr Steinbrenner, his children and grandchildren attended the same Military Academy as I did (Culver). He gave millions to the school. Once, knowing I was a RS fan, he gave me a Yankee hat at Le more »

  • Comment on: 'Butler experiencing big days on campus'

    Posted 04/02/2010 04:52:29 EDT

    Bob: The great hero of Hoosiers was Bobby Plump. While I was attending the Culver Military Academy in Indiana,the academy (which the Boss also graduated from), the miracle of Milan occured. Plump owns more »

  • Comment on: 'Matsuzaka thrown off schedule by sore upper back'

    Posted 02/20/2010 12:44:52 EST

    The weather is warming up. Hopefully Dice will overcome his problem in the better climate. I am excited as usual beacause of Sox pitching and D. Bobo in Fla more »

  • Comment on: The%20rules%20of%20free%20agency

    Posted 11/26/2009 11:25:43 EST

    Attempting to trade for Tulo is the most absurd thread to appear on the hot stove circuit. I am from Colorado and trading Tulo would be the equivilant of Dumping Elway in his third year. Are you aware more »

  • Comment on: 'The new Buckner is Bucknor'

    Posted 10/09/2009 01:51:21 EDT

    No matter the calls, it has been a baseball tradition for years to score runs in order to win. more »

  • Comment on: 'Bases loaded, with Jewish ballplayers!'

    Posted 08/31/2009 06:33:02 EDT

    You forgot Ryan Braun. In the 2008 all star game,there were 3 Jewish players. Their first names were Ryan, Ian, and Kevin. Are we a melting pot or what? more »

  • Comment on: 'Covering the bases with Youkilis'

    Posted 08/26/2009 04:33:24 EDT

    Dan,you made a great comment on the HBO special on TSW. These millian dollar whiners don't get it. Luckily Colonel Egan, Harold Kaese(sp), and Austin Lake are long gone. What is interesting is the mor more »

  • Comment on: 'All-Star Game needs to get real'

    Posted 07/12/2009 02:07:17 EDT

    Ryan: As far as I am concerned I would rather watch a spring training game than the shameless allstar game. Who cares. I actually attended a game in Detroit when Bench, Reggie, Roberto, Aaron and the more »

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