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About Me: I'm inviting all my BDC friends to join me on Twitter. It's a lot fo fun to tweet before and after games. We can follow each other and have our own BDC clique. U can get to Twitter from my blogspot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow Rondowski on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/RajonRondowski http://rajonrondowski.blogspot.com/ -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I cain’t believe dat dere is stil sum peoples who tink dat I right dis way becuz I cain’t hep myself, ain’t got enuff education to rite right. Trut is I gots to hol myself bak frum writn inda mos def excellent manner o da Falukeners and da Hemmingwayz and udders too ka-numerous to mention. An I cain’t hardily believe dat it irritates sum peoples so. Why? I’ll tell you why: it’s because they just don’t get it -- if they had any brains or insight they would see that Rondowski often employs very sophisticated sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, hardly the tools of an uneducated fool: in fact Rondowski often has to hold himself back and write in a less sophisticated manner that he usually would just to keep the reader guessing and keep them on the hook: and that’s where brains and insight come to play on the readers part; let me explain: a long, time honored tradition of humor exists in this country of making people laugh by mangling the English language, wether it’s Jose Jiminez on the flag pole at the ball game during the national anthem, (Jose can you see) to Andy Kaufman in Taxi or in his skits, and believe me the list goes on and on. An besides, peoples picking on Rondowski's riting on dis bored is like da pot callin da kettle balck: most of the writing on the board is atrocious even though some people labor under the false impression that they write well. There are a few, a very few who write adeqauately, but even they lack any imagination. So youse guyz jus don’t git it!!! Dis bored is full a git-a-lifers who take demselves waaaaay too seriousely because dey B know-it-alls and GM-Wanna B’s, an deys always waffling between panic and boasting but never loving their team the way true fans do. What gits me is when deys playing GM’s an makin trades, dats when dey really shos dere ignorance. This “GM think” precludes a fan from really loving the team for who they are just as this type of thinking precludes people from accepting themselves for who they are. It’s a type of neurosis. So lighten up boyz, and get a life, you basically know nothing and R ful o false assumptions, and I means dat in da nicest way possible: get it?

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