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About Me: former sports fanatic; celts season ticket holder 1981-84; then moved on and left sports (except the celts) behind forever.

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  • Comment on: It's over, but not the end - Touching All the Bases - Boston.com

    Posted 05/12/2011 07:51:11 EDT

    great writing chad. i really enjoy your work. i love how you include the old SI cover of KG, and how you report that the heat are very adept at self-congratulation (and how you call out lebron for his more »

  • Comment on: "Blood libel" miscue overshadows Sarah Palin's surprisingly good Arizona shooting response video - The Angle - Boston.com

    Posted 01/12/2011 08:57:16 EST

    comment on the last line ("whoever wrote it for her") . . . i agree the speech was surprising, precisely because everyone knows she couldn't have written it. too many big words for sarah: purported; r more »

  • Comment on: Do%20Jets%20just%20hate%20Brady%20...%20or%20fear%20him%3F

    Posted 01/12/2011 11:39:26 EST

    my god, these atheletes have pathetic minds . . . programmed to destroy on the field, they have no viable alter-egos. they've been reduced to bodies . . . no minds . . . is it really worth the big buc more »

  • Comment on: Palin%20show%20clip

    Posted 10/19/2010 03:09:15 EDT

    i hope she tries ice fishing and goes through the ice . . . MORON and the morons who give her air time . . . more »

  • Comment on: 'Portland GM Cho is truly a trail blazer'

    Posted 08/29/2010 08:18:04 EDT

    hey gary, and editor, the past participle of ride is have/has ridden, not Denver has rode, but Denver has ridden . . . more »

  • Comment on: 'An easy decision: More comedy than drama'

    Posted 07/10/2010 11:44:20 EDT

    lebron is a punk with as much depth as lindsey lohan . . . more »

  • Comment on: LeBron%20James%20to%20make%20his%20decision

    Posted 07/08/2010 10:04:36 EDT

    the miami heat becomes the most despised team in all of sports . . . i have a feeling it won't end as these clown princes envision . . . i sense a curse coming on . . . more »

  • Comment on: Attempting%20to%20cover%20all%20the%20hot%20topics

    Posted 07/07/2010 11:41:36 EDT

    lebron has to be the least appealing celeb in pop culture; right up there with lindsey lohan . . . a perpetual teenager . . . more »

  • Comment on: 'Attention to detail'

    Posted 06/03/2010 10:17:14 EDT

    hey, jackie and all the other writers and fans: any chance the celts will play zone against the lakers? will they mix it up just a bit, or stay with man-to-man? just wondering how you see it. thanks. more »

  • Comment on: 'For this Big Three, two is a huge number'

    Posted 06/03/2010 09:18:56 EDT

    nice column, bob. regardless of the profession, it's always inspiring to hear about people who love what they do and who want to be the best at what they do. this is not diminished at all for the fact more »

  • Comment on: 'How do you spell ‘

    Posted 05/30/2010 09:27:46 EDT

    yeah, dan, i got to hand it to you. you did indeed hang in there. i jumped ship, remembering the bill parcells adage, "you are what your record says you are." so, yeah, you have the right to gloat. i' more »

  • Comment on: 'Taking an outside shot?'

    Posted 04/20/2010 07:37:05 EDT

    interesting piece here, gary. a sociology/anthropology mini-course, with some psychology to boot. the NBA does its best to mask its thuggishness, with such promotions as "The NBA Cares," but i doubt w more »

  • Comment on: 'Celtics eye fresh start'

    Posted 04/13/2010 08:33:05 EDT

    there's something that's most interesting about sports: when your team is winning, you'll believe everything the players say. not only are they great athletes, they're prophets. and it's probably this more »

  • Comment on: 'Palin to tea party rally: Don't sit down, shut up'

    Posted 03/27/2010 07:20:48 EDT

    hey, mo-rons, get out of the way; your collective ignorance is holding the nation back; we don't aren't satisfied with the kind of mediocrity that palin personifies. i never want a hillbilly even for more »

  • Comment on: 'Lack of effort means trying times for Celtics'

    Posted 03/15/2010 09:15:45 EDT

    here's another hypothesis: rondo hurts this team. badly. his inability to hit from outside means we're always playing 4 on 5. everyone sags. if he could shoot, this team would be altogether different. more »

  • Comment on: 'Celtics know it's time for home improvement'

    Posted 03/01/2010 09:42:22 EST

    what a TIRED commentary . . . they say the same thing after every loss. it's apparent that the team doesn't have what it takes. everyone who watched the patriots knew that they wouldn't get far. the s more »

  • Comment on: Paul%20Pierce%3A%20If%20I%20ran%20the%20NBA%20...

    Posted 12/18/2009 12:21:40 EST

    yo, paul, i agree on the 60 games; also about raising the rim. but on the war issue, how 'bout this: every person who goes to war gets his/her house taken away? more »

  • Comment on: 'Outburst puts day’

    Posted 09/11/2009 08:56:40 EDT

    the GOP, I mean, the FOXX Party, is a bunch of angry old white men, belonging to an ealier era, perhaps pre-Civil War. their only game plan? obstruction. they do nothing for our country. NOTHING. more »

  • Comment on: Cheney: Even George W. failed him - The Boston Globe

    Posted 08/15/2009 11:11:37 EDT

    more bombast from the omniscient dick. more »

  • Comment on: 'Ark. crowd mocks lawmakers over Obama health plan'

    Posted 08/05/2009 08:32:55 EDT

    identifying with their oppressors; the tea party crowd are only too happy to see their premium costs double. too ignorant to make democracy work for themselves. bamboozled by corporate pimps and congr more »

  • Comment on: 'The curious case of Rajon Rondo'

    Posted 06/24/2009 08:33:30 EDT

    thanks for the article, bob. such an intriguing guy; so talented and competitive. man, if you can't play for doc, for whom can you play? i, too, would hate to part with him. as you wrote a couple of m more »

  • Comment on: 'Thousands march, celebrate Israel at NYC parade'

    Posted 05/31/2009 08:42:48 EDT

    those who criticize israel are not anti-semitic as many insist. anti-zionism is not anti-semitism. end the occupation and the violence will end. more »

  • Comment on: 'Thousands march, celebrate Israel at NYC parade'

    Posted 05/31/2009 04:42:02 EDT

    barack, yes, you DO need to "strongarm" the israelis. so, please, keep it up. otherwise, the encroachment on palestinian land, the denial of palestinian autonomy, the continued debasement of palestini more »

  • Comment on: 'Once absent, Brady now a man about town'

    Posted 05/27/2009 05:55:12 EDT

    fun article, dan. hey, do you think we'll hear any "sore arm" stories this year, or will the long layoff prove to be a bit of a boon in that tom, presumably, will have a gun this fall? ironic, that th more »

  • Comment on: The%20call%20to%20have%20a%20family%20and%20serve%20God

    Posted 05/24/2009 12:34:40 EDT

    yes, and they would have to allow gay marriage, too, because so many of the clergy are gay,right? i say, do it. more »

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