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  • Comment on: 'Why not short stop with Red Sox for Yankees icon Derek Jeter?'

    Posted 12/01/2010 02:13:08 EST

    This whole story is HIGH COMEDY. Full disclosure: I am a Yankee fan, and have been a HUGE Jeter fan for the last 15 years (longer since I followed him in the minors make it 17 at least) That being sai more »

  • Comment on: 'Wooden Red Sox fall to 4-8, 1-5 at Fenway'

    Posted 04/19/2010 08:20:44 EDT

    OK Sox fans..... calm down. Anyone who is suggesting to fire Tito or Theo (especially the moron who wanted to bring DD back) have no idea what they are talking about. Yes, scoring runs will be at a pr more »

  • Comment on: 'Papelbon reheated for '10'

    Posted 03/05/2010 06:52:31 EST

    Hey George Anderson.... If you don't think that Sox fans have been saying "dump Paps for Bard" than you certainly have not been reading these chat boards or listening to most Sox fans since October. T more »

  • Comment on: 'USA-Canada hockey: No way to treat a neighbor'

    Posted 02/22/2010 04:29:50 EST

    What a game! While the U.S. were certainly outplayed for portions of the game, they did several things well. They forchecked hard, players like Ryan, Langenbrunner, Callahan, Kessler etc.. threw their more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox closer Papelbon applies tape, and gets back out there'

    Posted 02/17/2010 09:17:18 EST

    Don't be shocked if Papelbon has the BEST year of his career. This guy is an elite closer and it will be one of the biggest blunders in team history to let this guy go. more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox reliever Bard is closing on a bigger role with team'

    Posted 02/17/2010 05:13:45 EST

    I need to respond to people who obviously didn't take the time to read what I wrote. First of all the ACCURATE guns don't have BArd at 100 ( I certainly would never clain Joba throws 100 or 97 for tha more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox reliever Bard is closing on a bigger role with team'

    Posted 02/16/2010 06:48:02 EST

    Wow, now Daniel Bard is ready to take over for Paps huh? I have been reading Ms. Benjamin's stuff for a while now. I genuinely like her. This article however, is insane. Daniel Bard has proved nothing more »

  • Comment on: In%20these%20negotiations%2C%20who%20will%20be%20the%20Victor%3F

    Posted 02/12/2010 07:00:36 EST

    Wow for all the (appropriate) anti-Yankee sentiment, Red Sox fans sure sound just like NY fans. "Let's just get Mauer", "Set Your watch for Agon". First off, Agon is NOT getting traded unless the Sox more »

  • Comment on: 'Truth hurts regarding Brady'

    Posted 01/11/2010 10:34:48 EST

    Ok All this gloom and doom is a little over the top. First off even postulating the idea of trading Brady is silly. Who would you replace him with? Great QB's are EXTREMLY hard to come by. Also, while more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox’

    Posted 10/13/2009 04:30:21 EDT

    I have to laugh at all of the trade Papelbon propaganda flying from the always quick to jump off the cliff Red Sox Township. The guy his been one of the top 2 or 3 closers in the game for 4 years, he more »