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About Me: Born an rasied in Boston, saw the Bill Rusell era. I'm a Celtic fan still today. I live here in Lakerland.

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  • Comment on: 'Allen decides to remain with Celtics'

    Posted 07/09/2010 02:24:57 EDT

    The C's already have an answer, BUT it depends on the player if he is dedicated to improving himself. I'm talking about Rhondo. Does anyone know why rhondo had a lot of rebounds for a point guard? It' more »

  • Comment on: 'Ainge blasts Celtics' cavalier approach'

    Posted 02/27/2010 04:11:57 EST

    I am surprise that no has figured it out yet. Can any one tell me of a championship team that has been broken up after winning a championship ever repeat? Teams trade or draft players to improve their more »