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  • Comment on: 'Allen agrees to a deal with Heat He’

    Posted 07/07/2012 10:18:01 EDT

    Ray in 2010 game 7 you went 5-21 and more or less cost us the title but since I and most of Boston thought you were a character guy it rarely gets mentioned. Now I guess we see your true colors. Leavi more »

  • Comment on: Patriots trade for Albert Haynesworth - Extra Points -

    Posted 07/28/2011 11:16:32 EDT

    remember how the pats were an organization that prided themselves on teamwork and doing it the right way and how Myra Kraft stood up when they tried to bring in Christian Peter cuz of what he did to w more »

  • Comment on: 'Mass. shuts 30 facilities after death in Fall River'

    Posted 06/30/2011 10:26:47 EDT

    I guess the deep end was closed on monday due to not being able to get it clear. That happens when theres a body in there. Sad situation. more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins release development roster'

    Posted 06/30/2011 07:51:51 EDT

    No Zach Hamill? more »

  • Comment on: 'Burrows could be facing suspension'

    Posted 06/02/2011 12:34:45 EDT

    I'm pretty sure Bergeron was not trying to stick a finger in Burrows mouth, it was a face wash and Burrow's took a bite. Insane how you can say dont stick your finger in there it wont get bit! Dont pu more »

  • Comment on: 'An entertaining tooth-and-nail battle'

    Posted 06/02/2011 08:13:43 EDT

    Recchi buries that puck when he had and open side of the net maybe you're justified for having him out there. Dont want to pile on but he's killing that entire line at this point. Only reason he shoul more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins’

    Posted 04/20/2011 08:51:38 EDT

    looch might be waiting to pump home his 6th empty netter of the year! more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins’

    Posted 04/20/2011 08:08:11 EDT

    When do we stop blaming the owners? Its getting old. Do you really think if they are so tight that they dont want the bruins to go to the finals when the 60 dollars seats jump to 300? They spend to th more »

  • Comment on: Thomas makes 31 saves in Bruins' win over Devils -

    Posted 10/17/2010 03:23:48 EDT

    All the talk that Ryder would be sent down when Sturm is healthy to fit in the cap maybe premature. He keeps getting fed passes like that he will bury quite a few. Will be interesting to see what they more »

  • Comment on: 'Puck mover has moved on'

    Posted 09/24/2010 12:18:40 EDT

    Defense wasnt the problem last year, plain and simple. more »

  • Comment on: 'Organized Militia'

    Posted 07/23/2010 01:33:14 EDT

    THE BRICKHOUSE.Good luck militia more »

  • Comment on: 'Next goal: A successful change'

    Posted 05/17/2010 09:31:43 EDT

    wideman led the team in playoff scoring........tough to believe and tough to post but its true. Stepped it up in the playoffs. Hunwick and Ference? check their playoff numbers. more »

  • Comment on: 'Bear bones'

    Posted 05/11/2010 10:48:57 EDT

    jcour382- agreed and the fans felt the same thats what brough this reaction more »

  • Comment on: 'Bear bones'

    Posted 05/11/2010 08:52:41 EDT

    wideman's stick broke. has to drop a broken stick its a rule and i'm not sure if you've ever played hockey but i'm pretty sure you trying to catch anyone from behind with no stick is not going to happ more »

  • Comment on: 'Bear bones'

    Posted 05/11/2010 07:39:45 EDT

    can we just repost all the comments from the "fans" going into the buffalo series about how bad this team is and how they will fail and how the ownership is to blame? seriously the team turned in a te more »

  • Comment on: Final: Celtics 97, Cavaliers 87 -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

    Posted 05/09/2010 06:47:47 EDT

    what happened to peirce today? picking up that dumb intentional foul on shaq like he didnt want to be there, came back late for that dunk and free throws but man he needs to get it together more »

  • Comment on: 'Report: Krejci has broken wrist'

    Posted 05/06/2010 09:10:52 EDT

    lets just finish this series out as soon as possible and hope the pens-habs play as long as possible and take our chances with the way we've been playing in the next rounds. 9 wins to go more »

  • Comment on: Savard%20cleared%20to%20play

    Posted 04/27/2010 12:39:34 EDT

    wheeler was hitting everything last night and paille is a monster on the penalty kill; begin is not bringing much to the table right now more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins start fast, finish off Sabres'

    Posted 04/27/2010 09:56:08 EDT

    i'm with you with knocking off pitt but that means we have to go through pitt and probably wash and thats quite a task more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins start fast, finish off Sabres'

    Posted 04/27/2010 08:23:47 EDT

    I think ryder's played his best hockey of the year and in this playoff so has wideman( not saying much with that terrible turnover but he got a big goal and some nice puck movement) more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins start fast, finish off Sabres'

    Posted 04/27/2010 07:24:58 EDT

    krejci played one hell of a series. sturm got outscored by rask! rask had an assist sturm finished the series with nothing! lets go b's! more »

  • Comment on: 'Potential moves build up drama'

    Posted 04/22/2010 10:07:25 EDT

    belichick doesnt get it done with this draft the curse of scott pioli starts. more »

  • Comment on: 'Goal in second OT makes it a happy ending for Bruins'

    Posted 04/22/2010 08:16:52 EDT

    great hockey and the place was electric last night. more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins hit a high note with win over Sabres in Game 3'

    Posted 04/20/2010 09:29:57 EDT

    when chiarelli justified ference signing said he was a "character guy" looked it last night more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins hit a high note with win over Sabres in Game 3'

    Posted 04/20/2010 08:44:19 EDT

    DENNIS WIDEMAN.........where are the boos now? more »