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  • Comment on: 'Allen decides to remain with Celtics'

    Posted 07/08/2010 10:05:04 EDT

    I look at this much differently - We are re-living the sins of the 1980's. We are holding too tightly to our aging stars. Then, we could have moved McHale to the fledgling Timberwolves Organization. W more »

  • Comment on: Did%20the%20Patriots%20get%20two%20first-rounders%3F

    Posted 04/28/2010 04:32:21 EDT

    mardak, Gronkowski may very well prove to be a big pick, but taking 2 TE's in a single draft. I do not have an issue with him and his potential. The question is was it worth it to grab 2 TEs while wat more »

  • Comment on: Did%20the%20Patriots%20get%20two%20first-rounders%3F

    Posted 04/28/2010 02:53:26 EDT

    The opportunity cost of the Gronkowski Pick - Sergio Kindle. I recall watching the 2nd round on ESPN. after the Patriots' pick, the Ravens followed extremely quickly in their choice of Kindle. Then, w more »

  • Comment on: Jets%20continue%20loading%20up

    Posted 04/12/2010 03:44:33 EDT

    It all comes down to this: " The Jets are bringing in some guys with baggage here, to be sure. But the risk isn't real high on this one -- They're shipping off a fifth-round pick for Holmes, an absolu more »

  • Comment on: How about Marshawn Lynch? - Extra Points -

    Posted 04/09/2010 02:55:24 EDT

    Straight up swap - Baloney Maroney for Lynch ? I would not believe that giving up a draft pick would be an option, unless it is a 4th bundled with a 1 or 2 of those numerous 7th round choices. Making more »

  • Comment on: More%20draft%20mockery

    Posted 04/09/2010 01:46:50 EDT

    I like Hughes, but most believe that Kindle is a better fit in the Patriot's scheme. Graham will most likely go at #19, Atlanta.

    So, #22 Kindle

    2nd Rd:

    Golden Tate
    Vlad Ducasse
    Alex Carrington
    more »

  • Comment on: 'Eagles trade 6-time Pro Bowl QB McNabb to Redskins'

    Posted 04/05/2010 05:00:55 EDT

    Moving McNabb makes a lot of sense for Philadelphia. They save $6,500,000 in roster bonus just to start. Like the Pack a few years back, The Eagles believe the Future is now for the heir apparant, Kol more »

  • Comment on: 'Browns sign TE Benjamin Watson to multiyear deal'

    Posted 03/12/2010 04:57:29 EST

    The TE has become a forgotten man in the Patriots passing attack since the departure of Weis. 49 Receptions, 643 Yards, 13.1 Ave/Recept 3 TDs in 2006, his 3rd year in the NFL. Then came the Josh McDan more »

  • Comment on: %26%2339%3BLots%20of%20early%20interest%26%2339%3B%20in%20Bodden

    Posted 03/05/2010 04:15:02 EST

    Losing Bodden in FA would be a bigger blow than not getting Peppers, particularly, the price tag Chicago needed to put out. Watson ? With Welker's injury, a TE may become a valuable target in the pass more »

  • Comment on: Peppers%20dream%20near%20an%20end

    Posted 03/05/2010 03:44:51 EST

    I doubt we had anything more than passing fancy with Julius Peppers. By the initial figures coming out of Chicago - a whole lot of money that can be better spent. As others allude to: Wilfork, Mankins more »

  • Comment on: Peppers%20to%20Pats%3F%20Whispers%20persist%20...

    Posted 02/17/2010 03:48:28 EST

    Russ - Switch to a 4-3 alignment ? why because you would rather pay big $$ to Peppers rather than Wilfork ? So, get rid of one overpaid defensive lineman for another and then realign the entire front more »

  • Comment on: Peppers%20to%20Pats%3F%20Whispers%20persist%20...

    Posted 02/17/2010 01:57:43 EST

    For those that suggest we send Wilfork packing - Think Again. If you send him away, then you expose Mayo & Guyton even further. Do we need to watch Ray Rice highlights as a gentle reminder. Passing ma more »

  • Comment on: Peppers%20to%20Pats%3F%20Whispers%20persist%20...

    Posted 02/17/2010 01:41:55 EST

    Last year, I was open to Peppers. A new year bring a new attitude, No Thanks. Vince & Tom remain high priority, high price tag negotiations. Off the edge speed is awash in this draft. Sergio Kindle an more »

  • Comment on: How%20to%20handle%20Moss%20a%20tough%20call%20for%20Patriots

    Posted 02/17/2010 11:49:10 EST

    The Patriots have 4 picks in the 2nd round, plus that 1st rounder in 2011 from Oakland. Go make a deal for Anquan Bolden or Brandon Marshall. Either one can pick up the slack left by Welker's injury i more »

  • Comment on: Is%20Bill%20Belichick%20as%20DC%20the%20thing%20to%20watch%3F

    Posted 02/16/2010 11:32:13 EST

    The Off season is critical. 1. Get Vince signed 2. Do not follow last years trade down debacle. We needed speed of the edge and did not get it. Clay Matthews would have been a nice pick up. Jerry Hugh more »

  • Comment on: System%20failure

    Posted 12/10/2009 05:24:00 EST

    This is a question with multiple dimensions. No single concept can be be identified. In reality, there are several componenets: The schematic advantage. Many are beginning to realize that the loss of more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots reeling as another big one gets away vs. Dolphins'

    Posted 12/07/2009 05:53:01 EST

    " With 141 comments, this point may have already been made, but to answer Dan's "gulp" question, this team is a lot closer to 6-6 than 8-4. Remember game 1 vs. Buffalo? " Yeah, and do not forget 2 dro more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots reeling as another big one gets away vs. Dolphins'

    Posted 12/07/2009 05:48:57 EST

    Romeo Crennel - Bring him back. Do not hesitate. Show him the Money !! - ever since his departure, the defense is not getting into the right place to make the plays. Romeo always had a blitz for the o more »

  • Comment on: A comprehensive breakdown of the Pats - The Tony Massarotti Sports Blog, featuring Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics analysis

    Posted 12/07/2009 05:15:10 EST

    Several required changes: 1. Time to bring Romeo Back. Not only have we lost key players, the Patriots Defense has lost the ability to get players in the right place at the right time to make plays. I more »