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  • Comment on: 'Change format and give it a rest'

    Posted 06/08/2010 02:23:28 EDT

    Personally, I've always liked 2-3-2. Umie79 basically makes my case for me, yet holds a different opinion. I like the fact that "homecourt" is only for the seven games, not the first five. For the fir more »

  • Comment on: 'Wallace makes his big presence felt'

    Posted 05/17/2010 03:57:21 EDT

    I think Rasheed more than anyone is sensitive to this distinction after having been on a Detroit Pistons team in 2005-06 that went 64-18 and didn't even reach the finals. more »

  • Comment on: 'Blown opportunity'

    Posted 05/08/2010 02:05:16 EDT

    Yes, this was a blown opportunity, but it's one game, one awful game. It was wrong for Cleveland fans to push the panic button after game 2, and it's wrong for Boston fans to do the same after game 3. more »

  • Comment on: 'Blown opportunity'

    Posted 05/08/2010 01:04:13 EDT

    We've only just begun. This is the wake-up we needed. If I'm Doc Rivers, I remind the guys of a lot of things, but in general, that homecourt no longer matters. EVERY game has to be approached as a ga more »

  • Comment on: Cavaliers%20at%20Celtics%20game%20updates

    Posted 05/07/2010 10:12:18 EDT

    Go ahead and get cocky Cleveland, talk the hell up. Go ahead. Do the Riverdance Lebron, go ahead. Laughing and cracking jokes on the sidelines in the 4th. Gotta love Lebron, everyone loves Lebron, rig more »

  • Comment on: KG%2C%20Perkins%20miss%20practice%20with%20injuries

    Posted 05/05/2010 09:08:37 EDT

    Blheil, I think that kind of massive jump into the air alone makes it a travel. You can't jump like that without either shooting or passing first before you come back down. more »

  • Comment on: 'Celtics utilize big advantage'

    Posted 05/04/2010 07:09:40 EDT

    I don't know if anyone here pays much attention to the TNT studio analysts, but the Kenny Smith-Charles Barkley difference of opinion is striking to me. This 2010 Celtics team reminds me a lot of the more »

  • Comment on: Rondo has 19 assists, Celtics tie series with Cavs -

    Posted 05/04/2010 12:55:07 EDT

    Anyone else notice how Mike Brown was not interviewed by the sideline reporter before the start of the 4th? Now personally, I'm not a fan of this segment and I'm sure the coaches aren't either. But fu more »

  • Comment on: 'No mistaking it: He loves Cleveland'

    Posted 05/03/2010 07:14:13 EDT

    "Cleveland fans deserve a champion." False. They don't "deserve" anything. If they win and PROVE they have the best team, THEN they will have deserved it. Whining about the past doesn't make them anym more »

  • Comment on: 'Celtics would like two-fisted effort tonight against Cavaliers'

    Posted 05/03/2010 06:50:37 EDT

    "Boston is 2-6 all time in series in which it has lost the opening game on the road." True, but Pierce was around for one of those series wins in 2002 2nd round when we lost to Detroit game one, then more »

  • Comment on: 'Obvious difference was a gray area'

    Posted 05/02/2010 08:11:14 EDT

    Who would you rather have, 35 year old Rasheed Wallace at 5.8 million, with further obligation of 6.3 million next year and 6.8 million in 2011-12, or 33 year old Antoine Walker--signed to the veteran more »