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About Me: My name is Julio A. Salado NSCA,C.P.T.USAW Level 1 Coach and group instructor in Beginner’s Yang Tai Chi,TRX and Kettle bells. I am also lecturer and author of ‘Maximum Boost Workout©Advanced Core Training’ eBook. I was recently published in “Top Personal Trainers Answer Your Questions” by RegencyPublishing. I am a grassroot, self published author & trainer who is trying to make a difference here in Boston and beyond. My experience is over ten years of strength & conditioning training with disciplines in weight loss for upcoming events (bridal, reunions), overcoming plateaus, body sculpting, power lifts, Olympic lifts, post rehab/injury prevention, TRX training, flexibility, sports performance, kettle bells, senior fitness, Yang Tai Chi Chuan, yoga, nutrition and meditation. The Boston METRO newspaper printed ‘If you’re fearful of packing those cookie-induced pounds, take a page from fitness guru Julio Salado…’ No one is exempt from the benefits of living their dreams. Witness the results and experience the benefits of investing in yourself. Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living. Be well and stay active Julio A. Salado, NSCA C.P.T TRX & Kettlebell Instructor. USAW Level 1 Coach Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living©. Founder Assess, Initiate, Motivate

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