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  • Comment on: Moss feels 'not wanted' - Extra Points -

    Posted 09/06/2010 08:33:42 EDT

    I love to have him back too!Kraft must find a way. He's a formidable receiver, he still got it whatever everybody says. He's the reason Wes got those record breaking receptions.

  • Comment on: Playoff%20loss%20still%20haunts%20Kraft

    Posted 05/29/2010 06:13:04 EDT

    Pats beat themselves. They lacked sense of urgency and leadership. Putting midgets DB, 4th and 2, players sent home, and Welker's injury were the highlights of '09 season lol We need competitive DB bo more »

  • Comment on: Five%20to%20the%20finish

    Posted 01/03/2010 11:08:03 EST

    ^^ agree with you but it's all about intensity, they could've done better in this game and I' am still confident we can always win on the road more »

  • Comment on: Indy%20columnist%20sides%20with%20Pats%26%2339%3B%20philosophy

    Posted 12/29/2009 12:03:15 EST

    Intensity. What I saw in this b* move is the Colts lost their aura, the fighting spirit, you can saw in their eyes how they want to go 16-0, c'mon you can't deny that. Sports no matter where you play more »