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About Me: Lifelong Celtic fan. Born in Portland, Maine. Lived in LA for far too long but escaped in 1994 first to Minnesota, came to my senses, and now on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2002. Met Bill Russell as a young kid after game 1 of the 1969 Finals. Of course a big fan of all the big names such as Russell, Havlicek, Bird, Pierce, KG, etc. but also fondly remember some of the not so well known role players such as Em Bryant, Larry Siegfried, Don Nelson, Steve Kuberski and on down the line... Looking forward to a great playoff season this year--2009. Aloha!

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  • Comment on: 'Honoring Satch —

    Posted 04/21/2010 01:35:26 EDT

    Tom "Satch" Sanders. One of the great unsung heroes without whom the Celtics could not have accomplished what they did. My man! All the best to you.

  • Comment on: 'DJ was one of a kind'

    Posted 04/07/2010 03:07:37 EDT

    It's about time DJ was honored by the HOF but he was never overlooked by Celtic Nation. We could use you now. RIP

  • Comment on: 'Down the stretch, Lakers are homed in'

    Posted 04/05/2009 01:16:22 EDT

    The Lakers are still soft. IF KG is close to 100% we will bury the Lakers again with or without homecourt. Here's hoping for a rematch in the Finals. Aloha!