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  • Comment on: Taking a bullet on Wall St. - The Boston Globe

    Posted 02/08/2010 10:27:34 EST

    Is it not clear that we have a problem here? Bonus is rooted in profits. Now the primary culprits in gouging profits are entertainmet specialists (athletes and movie stars) and bankers. When the "hous more »

  • Comment on: The%20spring%20training%20roster%20%28so%20far%29%20

    Posted 02/08/2010 07:11:05 EST

    I'm surprise that Kason Gabbard isn't included here then again he may well have "pulled the plug" on a comeback. more »

  • Comment on: Time%20was%20ripe%20to%20change%20Sox

    Posted 01/21/2010 03:55:29 EST

    Mazz...did you take the rest of January off? I fell asleep while reading this twice and when finishing up I (as a resident of Portland, OR) was texting a friend about the virtues of The Boston Globe o more »

  • Comment on: Theo%20lays%20down%20the%20law%20on%20Dice-K

    Posted 10/14/2009 05:07:41 EDT

    Joseba1..."those of us who know..." Did you forget that Dice-K was third in the AL Cy Young in 2008? Not so fast in blaming or dismissing Mr. Matsuzaka all you "experts" who say, "I said two years ago more »