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  • Comment on: Choosing between x and y

    Posted 12/07/2011 10:21:22 EST

    If you're thinking of these women as algebraic equations, than you shouldn't be in a relationship with either of them. Chances are you're not Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, but i'm guessing you do more »

  • Comment on: He's back to tempt me

    Posted 11/30/2011 08:59:51 EST

    Any relationship that has previously used the word volatile to describe it is NOT one you should entertain continuing. Even for a free meal and self-esteem boost.
    more »

  • Comment on: Her gay ex is her bff

    Posted 08/03/2011 09:27:19 EDT

    If my boyfriend came out today and said he were gay, THE LAST THING i'd want to do was lay in bed with him, reminiscing about all the intimate times I thought he was straight.
    This girl be crazy. more »

  • Comment on: Her gay ex is her bff

    Posted 08/03/2011 09:22:35 EDT

    I didn't even read Meredith's advice yet.
    She's not over him. He enjoys the attention. You're supplying a physical need that he can't. other than the obvious, why are you staying?
    more »

  • Comment on: Are his personal problems too overwhelming?

    Posted 07/28/2011 08:55:25 EDT

    Depression and addiction by themselves are crippling, but together I can't imagine the damage that both can do. While I try listen to my heart if it's being rational, I think this is a situation where more »

  • Comment on: Should I have ended the engagement?

    Posted 07/21/2011 09:14:27 EDT

    While you concentrated on him not being ready for marriage, it seems like you weren't ready either. more »

  • Comment on: 'Casey Anthony cleared of murdering young daughter'

    Posted 07/05/2011 05:11:35 EDT

    Mothers and fathers who lose their children to an accident don't call police to report a death or cover it up, they hysterically call 911 to report that something is wrong with their child and that th more »

  • Comment on: Is my marriage over?

    Posted 06/22/2011 08:44:56 EDT

    To start, LW, please direct your questions to the one who's opinion matters-your husband. While soliciting advice is great, this is something you should be weighing with him. Marriage is a partnership more »

  • Comment on: He's delaying my move - Love Letters - Relationships questions, advice and more

    Posted 06/14/2011 08:35:48 EDT

    I was all for Team Delay Move until I realized that you're not even living together there. What?!
    It's your life, move when you want! more »

  • Comment on: I'm not ready for her to move in

    Posted 06/08/2011 12:52:24 EDT

    The-Porkchop-Express wrote: My friend from Pittsburgh brought me a few IC Lights. UGH! ****************************** Horrid, terrible beer. I live in Pittsburgh and bartend-barely anyone drinks it. W more »

  • Comment on: I'm not ready for her to move in

    Posted 06/08/2011 12:45:24 EDT

    Late to the game today. LW, I think you are incredibly mature, thoughtful, sweet and caring almost to a fault. I'm glad that you are so perceptive of yourself and open to the idea of working on your l more »

  • Comment on: I don't trust him with his female friend

    Posted 06/03/2011 09:21:02 EDT

    You have to MEET HER for her to appear in your life. I have horror stories for my bf's ex and friend reappearing in our lives. Trust me, you don't have problems until she literally appears at your boy more »

  • Comment on: Am I too picky?

    Posted 06/02/2011 09:13:31 EDT

    I suspect Jen feels the same way about you as you do about Lisa.
    Time out for all of you. more »

  • Comment on: He's pushing me away

    Posted 05/26/2011 09:19:52 EDT

    HE signed up for online dating while HE wasn't technically available. HE said all those things to you that made you feel no need to put a label on the relationship, because you already thought you wer more »

  • Comment on: Anticipating his mid-life crisis - Love Letters - Relationships questions, advice and more

    Posted 05/25/2011 09:34:48 EDT

    Relax. Keep things spicy in your love life. Relax. Take time for each other everyone once in a while without the kids. Relax. Trust your husband. (although it sounds like you don't) and lastly... RELA more »

  • Comment on: She doesn't want a fake wedding - Love Letters - Relationships questions, advice and more

    Posted 05/24/2011 09:02:15 EDT

    I think you need to live in the US before getting married. Methinks where you live is going to become an issue if just how the wedding happens is causing her such flip flopping. Hash it out now! If sh more »

  • Comment on: 'Bridesmaids' tales

    Posted 05/16/2011 09:40:31 EDT

    *Correction: I didn't want to be friends with stage 5 clinger from high school.
    Need caffeine please. more »

  • Comment on: 'Bridesmaids' tales

    Posted 05/16/2011 09:37:56 EDT

    I have only been in one wedding so far. I was a bridesmaid but was then drafted as a maid of honor when the other one was kicked out of the wedding party. She was kicked out when she accused the groom more »

  • Comment on: He won't grow up - Love Letters - Relationships questions, advice and more

    Posted 05/13/2011 12:59:05 EDT

    I had a friend who got married young to a guy a few years older. He cheated on her less than a year into their marriage. She stayed and they decided to have kids a couple years ago. She was thinking h more »

  • Comment on: Should I go to the wedding? - Love Letters - Relationships questions, advice and more

    Posted 05/04/2011 09:28:26 EDT

    I can't help but think of Legally Blonde right now. Except nobody stole him. more »

  • Comment on: Should I go to the wedding? - Love Letters - Relationships questions, advice and more

    Posted 05/04/2011 09:19:17 EDT

    Go! And show the coward what he's missing. But please, if you get back together with him, don't rush. You were right to declare your wishes the first time. Do it again if you decide to get back togeth more »

  • Comment on: I fear the stats

    Posted 04/27/2011 09:01:31 EDT

    Fear is the great motivator, LW. Use it to your advantage. I am not quite married myself. I know that because most of my family is divorced, my bullheaded self is going to do everything I can to NOT b more »

  • Comment on: Should we move in with my dad?

    Posted 04/25/2011 03:00:44 EDT

    Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea. I was actually in your boyfriends place in this situation last year. My boyfriends mother passed and within a few weeks he was pressing hard for us to move in with his fa more »

  • Comment on: We've been engaged for years

    Posted 04/19/2011 01:41:39 EDT

    Dear LW- I have divorced parents. One's SO I love and one's SO I dislike. But my opinion doesn't matter, because all I want is to see them both happy. Your daughter, no matter how young she is, probab more »

  • Comment on: I rarely feel a special connection

    Posted 04/14/2011 09:01:43 EDT

    You sound pretty normal, but being around the same age as you, I know it's tough to watch your friends marry off. (and i'm attached!) I say you find a new circle while doing one of your favorite (or n more »

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