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About Me: I am a life long resident of Massachusetts. I am a husband and the father of two and we have a wonderful home. For my hobbies I am a huge New England Patriots fan and am an amateur musician. I enjoy playing all kinds of music and collecting rare and unusual guitars. I am of Italian American decent (or as Michelle and Barak Obama's Pastor and campaign spiritual advisor refer to my family and I as GARLIC NOSED ITALIANS. I am a registered Independent. I get my news from Fox News, Boston Globe, WTKK, CNN and occasionally from BBC in that order. I sometimes watch MSNBC for comic relief. Voting Record - The first president I voted for was Ronald Reagan in his second term. I voted for Mike Dukakis when he ran against George Bush Senior in his first term. (Iwas a kid and figured it would help MA - Like I said I was a stupid kid). I then voted for Bush Senior when he ran against Bill Clinton. I did vote for Bill Clinton in his second term. I voted for GWB II for both terms. I believe global warming is a political stunt and scam and until the Chinese and Mexicans are made to clean the planet I really dont want to hear any more about it. I voted for John McCain in the most recent election mainly because I was appalled with Barak Obama and the people who surrounded him in his rise to power. I feel he was given an unfair advantage by the press leaving America vulnerable with a president who is unknown and not yet a proven leader. So far I have been proven right. I will continue to doubt his abilities until he can solve something. I feel the only American who can solve this current economic crisis as President would be Mitt Romney. I am hoping he runs in 2012. If PBS, NBC and CNN choose not to run documentaries bashing Mormonism I feel he has a shot!.

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  • Comment on: 'US boosts Hawaii defense to counter NKorea threat'

    Posted 06/18/2009 03:00:20 EDT

    "Hope is on the way"

  • Comment on: 'Five projects targeted for stimulus aid'

    Posted 06/18/2009 07:52:35 EDT

    Thanks BDC! Now that we know stimulus money being funneled to state "HACK" agencies who are already guaranteed jobs for life for their employees will not help the economy - lets see if "HEADLINES" wil more »

  • Comment on: Obama's restraint on Iran - The Boston Globe

    Posted 06/17/2009 06:13:03 EDT

    I like the weaving in of Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush while faintly criticizing Obama.....

    Weak Jeff.... Very weak....Like Obama. more »

  • Comment on: 'Details emerge on distribution of military weapons in Mass.'

    Posted 06/15/2009 06:35:36 EDT

    Yeah - You Go Girl(Boston Globe). Wouldnt want any armed robbers or criminals to be at a disadvantage. I mean after all, its our civic duty as good leftys to give scum bags details as to what towns to more »

  • Comment on: 'Iranian election uproar tests US'

    Posted 06/14/2009 08:14:15 EDT

    Hey Mahamoud... whats the big idea man????? How dare you! Barak Obama is trying very hard to look smart and your Fk'n the whole thing up! Do you know how many favors had to be called in by the press t more »

  • Comment on: 'Times Co. seeks Globe bids'

    Posted 06/10/2009 08:17:41 EDT

    Hey Rupert Murdock..... wanna buy another outrageous gossip tabloid that used to be an actual news paper??? more »

  • Comment on: 'Boston's $300k toilet nearly ready'

    Posted 06/07/2009 09:56:51 EDT

    Boston - Hate to burst your bubble but I saw these coin operated toilets in Europe about 15 years ago! They are a great place for drug addicts to shoot up in private and for transexual prostitutes to more »

  • Comment on: 'Cuban-born Watergate burglar dies in Florida at 92'

    Posted 06/06/2009 10:38:12 EDT

    RIP Leon! Whets the left going to do as one by one the players die out and the "Glory Years" of Watergate can’t be relived. Thank you for your service to this country. Your part in Watergate was not more »

  • Comment on: 'Obama family vacation to Paris raises some eyebrows'

    Posted 06/05/2009 07:16:01 EDT

    Oh no - Its quite something for those of us keeping score!

    Phonies! more »

  • Comment on: 'Obama family vacation to Paris raises some eyebrows'

    Posted 06/05/2009 07:12:49 EDT

    I dont think Auntie could make it this trip. I hear his half brother who lives in the cardboard box in Kenya took in the theatre with them. He gave the performance two thumbs up. He had to scrounge up more »

  • Comment on: 'Aerosmith bio is the same old song and dance'

    Posted 06/04/2009 07:36:18 EDT

    Good - Lets leave these guys alone! I prefer them to remain an enigma and just enjoy the music. No rock band in the history of music has remained together with the original members longer than these g more »

  • Comment on: 'Brookline may shut down town surveillance cameras'

    Posted 06/04/2009 07:07:28 EDT

    Hey Brookline - If you dont want the cameras my town will take them. See, we think identifying law breakers who are out looking to hurt people and throwing them injail is a good thing. YOU'LL JUST NEE more »

  • Comment on: 'With an apology and a few barbs, Severin returns to the air'

    Posted 06/03/2009 07:36:20 EDT

    Im just glad Jay is back. BTW - Im still waiting for my apology of being called a "Garlic Nosed Italian" by Barak Obama's spiritual mentor and campaign religious advisor Rev Wright. WHEN DO YOU THINK more »

  • Comment on: 'Cultural, financial storm blowing against Severin'

    Posted 05/25/2009 10:38:09 EDT

    I agree - Where is the "Firestorm of protest"????? This is all very amusing and guaranty of Sky Rocket ratings for WTKK when Jay "ABSOLUTELY DOES RETURN". If Don Imus can get back on the airwaves Jay more »

  • Comment on: 'Newspaper pressmen worry about their livelihood, future'

    Posted 05/23/2009 02:43:55 EDT

    Want to save this guys job? Write the truth and stop bashing half of the country who still hold conserviative, traditional values. Maybe then you'll sell some newspapers like the Herald. Anyone who ag more »

  • Comment on: 'Former state GOP official gets 7-year prison term'

    Posted 05/23/2009 07:11:02 EDT

    Yet Tommy "Taxes" Finneran former Democrat Speaker Of the House gets a radio talk show for his punishment after being found guilty of cheating Massachusetts residents by illegally redistricting and ta more »

  • Comment on: 'Jay Severin, a punk posing as a pundit '

    Posted 05/02/2009 11:11:14 EDT

    Ha Ha..... Scott Lehigh and BDC. The fact that you have to run pieces on Jay Severin to get responses like this from your own pathetic sympathizers speaks volumes. Ha Ha..... You Better pray that Seve more »

  • Comment on: 'Jay Severin, a punk posing as a pundit '

    Posted 05/02/2009 10:49:15 EDT

    Hey Yakoman - That was a great bloviation. I’m thrilled you’re all up on the progression of electronic media vs. print media. That still doesn’t explain why I can’t get any pertinent informati more »

  • Comment on: 'Jay Severin, a punk posing as a pundit '

    Posted 05/02/2009 09:41:54 EDT

    Lehigh - On Thursday the Vice President of the United States told Americans not to get on a plane. I have to travel for business. What does this mean to me? Can the Boston Globe help me with informati more »

  • Comment on: Readers%2C%20have%20a%20say%20in%20saving%20your%20paper

    Posted 04/08/2009 07:49:05 EDT

    As I have stated before. I will gladly pay for the Globe On-Line provided the subscription is reasonably priced. But with that comes a price. I will demand "Fair And Balanced Reporting". I don’t wan more »

  • Comment on: Note%20to%20readers%20about%20changes%20to%20message%20boards

    Posted 04/06/2009 12:02:29 EDT

    Obama is not back from his trip yet. Once he's back on US soil then BDC will let us talk about how pathetic his trip was. Until then grin and bear it boys! more »

  • Comment on: 'What they're saying'

    Posted 04/05/2009 02:02:38 EDT

    I will gladly pay for an on-line subscription. As most of the on-line blogers know me I enjoy sharing opinions. But as a customer I will demand fair and unbiased reporting. I will not tolerate the Glo more »