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  • Comment on: 'O’

    Posted 11/27/2010 07:25:49 EST

    Um..not sure if they listened to you, or saw what we all saw. Cleveland, at times, looked great with Shaq in the game and Lebron on the bench. They looked like a real 'team.'

  • Comment on: 'NBA's Vujacic says he's engaged to Sharapova'

    Posted 10/22/2010 01:37:17 EDT

    bobbiefromboston- try to be a little less sensitive please. Or at least go to the Lakers Fan forum where they have polls about which Celtic they would like to punch in the face most, or make comments more »

  • Comment on: 'Lakers win 15th NBA crown'

    Posted 06/15/2009 08:10:53 EDT

    If you've BEEN to more finals, that counts more than WINNING finals? I guess people see what they want to see. And besides that, 'Anitretardationment' I think you are painting Boston fans with a prett more »

  • Comment on: 'Big men take on bigger roles'

    Posted 04/03/2009 02:52:26 EDT

    Walk2Runny, How many rebounds did you get from your couch? 0. Blocks? 1 ( i saw you block your mama from going for the onion dip) I think Perk's production was pretty good. Played great D, didn't get more »