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  • Comment on: 'Mass. teacher resigns after showing racy video'

    Posted 06/21/2011 09:21:01 EDT

    Regardless of context, showing this video is irresponsible and unprofessional. Teacher should have requested administrative and parent permission before showing it. CYA applies!!! This teacher just ga more »

  • Comment on: 'Bruins’

    Posted 05/21/2011 04:30:07 EDT

    Sorry Fluto but i'd have to say you were fed this story by the Bruins PR staff. Lucic has had 1 good game in the playoffs out of 15. Sadly, i am not even exaggerating his bad play. Just a total lack o more »

  • Comment on: 'Damon must have his reasons, but what are they?'

    Posted 08/25/2010 09:03:47 EDT

    There is no mystery why Damon doesn't want to come back. It's been in print all over the country and he has said it on TV- he was unhappy how the Sox showed him the door when it was clear he wouldn't more »

  • Comment on: NBC%3A%20No%20apology%20for%20delay%20of%20game

    Posted 02/19/2010 11:31:47 EST

    I am a hockey fanatic and they cut into more than one game to show CURLING!!! CURLING!!! C'mon!!!! Tape delaying the U.S. hockey game???? Are you kidding me??? more »

  • Comment on: Updates%20from%20Wilmington

    Posted 01/11/2010 08:58:07 EST

    With all due respect to Lucic- that trio is more like the 3rd best line combo mentioned in the article. My 2 cents on the big picture: The B's have to tread water for a bit to get healthy bodies back. more »

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