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  • Comment on: Brady%20is%20on%20the%20money

    Posted 07/23/2010 05:59:06 EDT

    It's "stories" like this that make the sports section and the comics closer and closer to one another in more ways than one. Chris- report, don't speculate. There's a reason why Mike Reiss keeps going more »

  • Comment on: Brady%20eligible%20for%20Holiday%20pay

    Posted 07/03/2010 03:42:44 EDT

    "but... but... but he stayed on the west coast during the off season!" I've been reading stuff like that all off season, questioning THE man. Make no mistake, Brady's life may be a bit different than more »

  • Comment on: Recapping%20Minicamp%20Practice%20II

    Posted 06/16/2010 03:15:53 EDT

    This time of year I appreciate ANY info that is actually related to the game itself, instead of the Mankins drama, when will Brady sign and for how much, and of course, the player which Burt may have more »

  • Comment on: Tom%20Brady%20talk%20heats%20up

    Posted 06/10/2010 11:19:28 EDT

    This whole "story" is based on the media's speculation and creative interpretations made by other media members, who are then quoted by more media members as fact or some kind of definitive proof. MMN more »

  • Comment on: Patriots%20sign%204th-round%20pick%20Hernandez

    Posted 06/09/2010 05:36:19 EDT

    Hmmmm... Al- you never even mentioned his position once, yet managed to work in the fact that he's had "off-field issues" TWICE. I think you're beginning to fixate on things a bit. What if AH goes on more »

  • Comment on: Gasper%20commentary%20graphic%20code

    Posted 05/14/2010 11:25:09 EDT

    Finally, something from Gasper that doesn't make him look like a Borges/Felger practice squad player. He was either fake when he was MR's sidekick or he's a fake now. more »

  • Comment on: 'Another fall in Tampa drops the Sox 2 1/2 back'

    Posted 08/06/2009 09:41:42 EDT

    Boy- am I glad that football season is almost here. Go PATS... try not to fall apart anymore Sox! more »