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  • Comment on: Ask%20Shalise%3A%20Where%26%2339%3Bs%20Freddy%20T%3F

    Posted 11/16/2010 05:56:49 EST

    wow, thanks for answering some of the most worthless questions that anyone thats been watching football for more than 1 season could answer. really? youre getting paid for this?

  • Comment on: Suggs%20still%20talking

    Posted 10/21/2010 01:31:42 EDT

    sure sounds like hes over it

  • Comment on: Monday%20practice%20update

    Posted 09/06/2010 04:36:46 EDT

    ya was wondering the same thing. they didnt say he was missing...

  • Comment on: The%20playoff%20picture

    Posted 12/22/2009 12:08:42 EST

    excellent explanation! i sat down sunday night after the late game and thought i had everything figured out, but that strength of victory tie breaker is kinda nuts

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