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  • Comment on: 'Green-Ellis now the top option in Patriots’

    Posted 12/19/2010 07:27:53 EST

    I was saying for years to get rid of Maroney, and FINALLY hes gone, and the Law Firm is laying down the law!!

  • Comment on: 'Taking a pass on history'

    Posted 12/28/2009 09:14:08 EST

    As much as I hate the Mannings... PM is a great QB and I have all the respect for him in the world.. But in all honestly I am not sure if we can stop them in the play offs so if they win the superbowl more »

  • Comment on: 'AP source: Passenger tried to blow up airliner'

    Posted 12/25/2009 07:02:42 EST

    Muslim President? Wow ignorance at its finest.... more »

  • Comment on: No.%2083%20is%20the%20team%20MVP

    Posted 12/17/2009 08:01:23 EST

    Wes is benefiting from the Pats system however with Brady throwing the ball and Randy over top spreading the field however Wes still has to make those catches.. how often do you see him drop or miss a more »

  • Comment on: 'The dogged debate about training methods'

    Posted 12/12/2009 08:38:48 EST

    CM is a behavioural specialist.. not a dog trainer. On his show he bring people in specifically for training requirements. If you want to train a dog... of course you are going to use positive reinfor more »

  • Comment on: Nunn%20inked%20by%20Bucs

    Posted 11/23/2009 10:00:33 EST

    NNNNoooooo.... DAM... he played great during the pre season.. more »

  • Comment on: 'Jets made mistake on Favre'

    Posted 09/11/2009 07:48:43 EDT

    Not listing Favres on the injury report isnt the only mistake they made on Favre. Signing him in the first place was the bigger mistake... more »