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  • Comment on: 'Patriots running backs set to sub for Taylor'

    Posted 10/10/2009 03:49:49 EDT

    Mahoney has got to be the best Running Back in the NFL at running his lips. Actually this may be the very break the Patriots needed (sorry Fred) to get Ben Jarvis Ellis Green Smith Jones Pecinpaw Mash more »

  • Comment on: Report%3A%20Seau%20to%20return%20to%20Patriots

    Posted 10/05/2009 01:51:11 EDT

    dinosaurworld wrote: Seau is old and washed up. No need to sign him. Galloway is the same. Patriots don't win historically with finesse receivers who don't make plays. WOW Dino, I bet you said that ab more »

  • Comment on: Maroney%20ready%20to%20run%20hard

    Posted 10/04/2009 02:34:49 EDT

    Honestly Bill B knows better than all of us that Maroney is a bust thats why he brought in Taylor and Kept BJG. What your not seeing is that in order to trade him after this year Bill would like to sh more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots sign Sands to sub for injured Wilfork'

    Posted 10/02/2009 12:45:28 EDT

    How many times has Bill B. seen something in players that no one has any clue about? Everyone seems to forget how this team is taught to play as a team, if this guy can be taught anything then Big Bil more »

  • Comment on: Pats%20practice%20update

    Posted 10/01/2009 08:01:49 EDT

    The real reason Brady had pink shoes was because his feet were on fire from moving in the pocket so fast, and Moss had pink gloves because he had the hotttt hands catching Brady's passes, all getting more »

  • Comment on: 'Queries abound'

    Posted 09/26/2009 09:59:48 EDT

    I see this as a common thing with Big Bill but even though he has even put the Beer Vendors on Injury report, this team for the last 5 years has had way too many serious injuries. I blame the staff fo more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots’

    Posted 09/24/2009 11:55:29 EDT

    I have to agree about this, but disagree about that! I know things are being done, but there are some things that are not being done and its finding a solution to making these solutions happen that is more »

  • Comment on: 'Reiki banned from Roman Catholic hospitals as neither science nor medicine'

    Posted 09/21/2009 11:57:19 EDT

    I LOVE IT! "THE CATHOLIC BISHOPS". Please God show these Fakes for who they really are! First, please tell us their names and their Medical Degrees. Second, who and where they did their research, and more »

  • Comment on: Jets beat Brady at home for 1st time -

    Posted 09/20/2009 10:19:46 EDT

    RTP Please don't expose yourself, you could be arrested! Why you so angry with the mens? Did Tom Brady hurt you when he married his girlfriend? You are angry with Big Ben's too because he like the lad more »

  • Comment on: Jets beat Brady at home for 1st time -

    Posted 09/20/2009 10:08:11 EDT

    Are you saying RTP that you would like to Digest me? I'me sorry but I like the womens...hehe! Yes Engleesh is my 2nd language, I'me from CUBA (Viva Feeeee-del no more) No one is here to judge me, the more »

  • Comment on: Jets beat Brady at home for 1st time -

    Posted 09/20/2009 10:03:26 EDT

    No No No....dwad21 please get it right. RTP(Right To Peenis) isnt just a Steeler fan, He's a BIG Ben fan that is angry about Big Bens manhood and how pretty Tom Brady is! Well RTP (Right To Peenis) do more »

  • Comment on: Jets beat Brady at home for 1st time -

    Posted 09/20/2009 09:54:57 EDT

    OHHHHH OK now the truth comes out about rtp89... He's gay The ...rtp89 stands for (Right To Peenis) and he's upset because Tom Brady is pretty and Tothlisberger isnt. Did you say that you were putting more »

  • Comment on: Jets beat Brady at home for 1st time -

    Posted 09/20/2009 09:48:42 EDT

    OK rtp89..(does that stand for Reggie the puzzy?) in answer to your statement about Brady and not being sharp unless he has illegal information, how did he get 2 touch downs thrown in less than 5 minu more »

  • Comment on: 'Jets beat Brady, Pats 16-9 at home for 1st time'

    Posted 09/20/2009 06:14:40 EDT

    We are all ArmChair Coaches but I have said for 3 years now that the offensive line was way overrated and the linebackers needed to be replaced. First, Galloway is done! He needs to be cut and move on more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots’

    Posted 09/18/2009 12:14:20 EDT

    Larry, please stop crying. If the Bills had done this to the Pats you would be here telling us how great they were for scoring 2 TD's in 5 mins. McKelvin didn't just give the ball away, he was smashed more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots linebacker Mayo has a sprained MCL in knee'

    Posted 09/16/2009 01:06:57 EDT

    Looks like BB mihgt have gottne rid of a few Defensive a bit too early, but my concern is that O-Line. For the last 2 years I have watched Matt Light get left in the fog and Monday nights game I count more »

  • Comment on: 'Mayo injures knee

    Posted 09/15/2009 06:30:01 EDT

    I have watched Matt Light last 2 years get beat and Brady get put down. Almost everytime Brady is sacked it's due to Light. I dont care what he once was but come on....I counted 14 plays last night he more »