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  • Comment on: 'What’

    Posted 11/11/2009 03:36:23 EST

    Best rivalry in sports. I got in to a deep and heated Colts/Pats debate a few years ago in Ireland. Ran into some Patsy fans in a very small pub in Doolin (which is in the middle of nowhere) and the c more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots-Colts is a rivalry with plenty of kick'

    Posted 11/11/2009 05:41:39 EST

    This is a response to TheRealHomo... 99% of the games Peyton plays in are indoors?? Really?? Really?? Where do you come up with this crap? The "crowd noise" issue has never been proven. That dome was more »

  • Comment on: On%20the%20road%20again...

    Posted 11/10/2009 08:43:37 EST

    Bi*ch and moan, bi*ch and moan. That's all I hear from you Patsie fans. Colts won because it's too hot in the dome (AFC Champ. game) Polian buys the refs. We always go to their place. Bi*ch, Bi*ch, Bi more »

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